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Hot damn do I love this toy! How can any gal not love a quiet, mega-powerful, multi-speed, super soft, interchangeable bullet AND mini-clioral pleaser? I know that I couldn't resist.

I am a huge 'bullet' fanatic and firmly believe every gal should own one. This is the perfect choice for anyone because you have so many options. The controller takes two AA batteries and has one button to control the vibrations - slow and FAST and POWERFUL. You then decide which attachment you want to play with - the 2 /4" bullet OR the super slim 2 1/2" long mini-clitoral pleaser? We decided to do a thorough review and played with BOTH.

First, I was the recipient of some awesome oral action with the mini-bullet. That sucker is STRONG! Once he put it on my clit I came in seconds. The lower setting is not too bad either, but I am a power whore so I love the highest setting. Once I came a few times, he switched the bullet out for the mini-clitoral pleaser. The shape sort of resembles a Barbie-doll leg without any toes. This attachment is SUPER quiet - even moreso than the bullet. The tiny tip placed on my clit drove me to the brink again - and again - and again! I have nothing but praise for these tiny teasers.

When I was sated and ready, we moved on to oral for my hubby. I used the mini-pleaser first - and he LOVED it when I ran it up and down his shaft like a soft fingernail. Then, placed between his balls he was in heaven! I changed it up for the bullet, which he loved also, but preferred the stronger and more subtle feeling of the other. I was able to get him off in no time flat - and most of that was due to our new toys and not my phenomenal oral skills.

I would recommend this to ANY person (male or female) at any sexual level. It is awesome for clitoral stim and non-insertable play. It is quiet, discreet and easy to place in between you and your partner during intercourse. Plus, you have options of bullet or smaller teaser. There is something for everyone in this Twin Pleasure Pack!



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Gotta :kiss: those bullets!! And you can never have enough of them IMO!!!

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