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TO9441-6main.jpgOH MY GOSH! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little plug! It is a flogger and anal plug in one toy - who could hate that???? I am a lover of anal sex AND of double penetration - and this little plug is a fun addition to anal play. First and foremost, this 3 1/2" long and 1" wide rubber plug has attached rubber tethers. Well, they are more like rubber strings. These little strings make THE BEST clitoral or penile teasers - and if you so desire - they pack a powerful punch for punishment! I likey the punishment plug!

So, last night was 'hot sex night' and we were gonna do it up right! My hubby has been gone all week, and we had a nice session on Friday, but last night...whoot....it was OOOnnnnnN! We did every method of foreplay we could think of, including using this little plug to tease and please my pussy. Lightly running it up and down my body and then over my labial areas - oh MOMMA I was HHHoooTTT! Then he stepped it up a bit while punishing my behind! I was containing my screams of pleasure. I will warn you, be careful, if you whip too hard it definitely stings quite a bit!

Then, we were nearing the point of no return, so my hubby lubed this baby up and slowly and very easily inserted this plug into my ass. It felt divine. Not too big, and easy to insert. It is a traditional 'plug' shape, so no worries about having it slip out. The little dangly strips made for a nice feel on my ass and my hubby thought the 'tail' looks hot sticking out of me.

I was sort of bending over the side of the bed with my tail in the air (get it!) and he entered me from behind as I slid down a little to raise the angle. He LOVED the extra tightness that the plug offers and I LOVED it too. We also both got the benefit of the strips teasing us while he pounded hard. The strips rubbed and tickled his shaft and tickled my ass. It was AWESOME!!! We both came so hard that we collapsed on the floor after - and the plug stayed in!

This is an excellent and truly fun anal plug. Safe and secure, easy to clean (submerge in hot, soapy water) and was a true turn on for both of us. From the teasing and tickling to the hot dp action - this plug does not dissappoint. As the box says, 'Serve up a Sexy Snap when You Play from the BACK!'

Mikayla's Rating: 6 out of 5 SCREAMING ANAL Os

Punishment Please!

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What a great "tail"!! LOL :P

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