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Prepping For Anal

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Okay, guys and gals,

Assuming the wife would ever want to do anal--tell me how you "prep" for the act--from a hygienic standpoint I mean. I saw an interview with a porn star once and she said if she was doing an anal scene the next day she wouldn't eat anything past 5 p.m. the day before and then give herself 2 enemas--one that night and one in the morning. Sounds a little extreme, or does it? I honestly have no clue.


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And I thought you read ALL my posts! :(

I just posted on this not too long ago, but for you my special author...I will gladly reiterate ANAL 101!

First, it is a good idea to prep for anal sex if you can because, let's face it, poop comes out of that orifice, so it has residue.

This is my routine if I know I am having anal sex the next night. I will not eat anything heavy (I am a vegetarian - well I eat chicken - but no red meat) so I eat light the day before, nothing after 6:00 ish. I may take some extra fiber tablets the day before to ensure that I am extra empty. I do not like enemas, I have used them, I don't like them - it is your preference. I will caution that overuse of enemas is dangerous to your intestinal tract. Anyway, I use the eat less, more fiber rule the day before, the day of I eat really light, no big meal before the act.

Then right before we start our "night o' fun" I will cleanse myself with soap and water and I use baby wipes and sort of stick them up there to make sure I am as clean as possible.

If you are afraid of the residue - you have to do the enema - but even that will not guarantee you a residue free ride everytime!

That is it! Then I just make sure that I am well lubed and if I am planning other sex before my anal, I may use a butt plug to open myself up a bit. I think having it in there enhances my other sex play, gives me that "FULL" feeling I love, and prepares me for what is coming later!

That is how I prepare for anal sex....any questions???

Mikayla B)

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Enemas? Extreme? Naw...you are just forcing hot water up your ass, what is extreme about that?

Seriously, from a medical standpoint, occasional cleansing with an enema is OK...kind of clearing out the pipes. But for anal sex purposes, it is probably better to take the other approaches!

<_< Mikayla

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