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Looking For A Good Masturbator!

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With my gf and I apart for a long period of time, and our relationship being on unsteady ground I've been a little depirved. So I've been trying to locate a good masturbator... and I don't see anything wrong with a guy having one. But I'm not really sure what to look for. I bought one once (I can't remember the name), but it just wasn't doing it for me. It had a sleave, with some massagers along the walls of the sleave, and a pocket for a vibe underneath it. It was too high maintinence for what I was getting out of it. Cleaning it each time I was finished was kind of a pain. Furthermore, I could tell it wasn't going to last long. The girth of the entrance wasn't big enough for me , and it was beginning to tear. So i threw it out. I want to find one thats fairly realistic feeeling, but also vibration would be a plus. As a fan of anal sex, I'm leaning towards an anal masturbator, or better yet one with both vaginal and anal. But primarily the later. I'm about 8.5" long with a girth of like 3.5" (i think... ive only measured that once). It wouldnt have to be hands free... probably better if it wasn.t Also, what would be a good lube to use with a toy? My and my gf typically use Sylk, but I thought maybe another brand is preferable for something artificial. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks!

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I responded on the other post - there seems to be a duplicate here!

Mikayla :P

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