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To be honest, I thought this little guy would turn out to be one of those novelty vibes. You know, the ones where you say, ‘Oh, that’s cute’, try it once, and then throw it in a box and never use it. Well, sometimes it’s the underdog that surprises you.

This is obviously not a big vibe. Maybe a little wider than your thumb, this little purple cylinder packs a nice punch. The thing that surprised me the most was the ‘lipstick’ tip. Going from the picture, I assumed it would be a hard plastic. Nope, it’s actually a smooth, flexible rubber! Bonus! Soft is usually good for my sensitive nethers. It’s multi-speed and water-proof, so its got the bases covered there, too. It’s relatively quiet as far as vibes go, but I wouldn’t operate in a bathroom or any place that amplifies sound because other people will hear it. Unless that’s your thing, and in that case go for it!

Now, about the batteries… This vibe runs on four LR44 button batteries (included). Two warnings: 1) The batteries come encased in a plastic sheath. Take it off! If you put them in with the sheath, you won’t get them out. I got lucky. 2) There is a little plastic film in the battery compartment that shows you how they are supposed to go in. Don’t throw that away. I know you can on some vibes, but this is not one of them. If you take it out before putting the batteries in, the vibe just goes and you can’t turn it off. Other than that, you should be fine.

Even though I still stick to the lower settings, I have truly become a fan of this little guy. He’s a nice, sweet, simple vibe. He doesn’t have lights or 9 different pulse settings. He’s not fancy (well, the shiny purple might be considered fancy, I don’t know). He may not look like much, but he’s certainly good to have around in a moment of need. He does a darn good job for me personally and I think he’s going to be following me around for along time to come (pun intended, of course :))

Support your local underdog!

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I bought this little guy a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to really use it yet. Once I do, I'll be posting a review, but I have a funny story to relate...

When this vibe came in the mail I opened it up, installed the batteries (and you're right, they are a bit confusing) and dropped it into my purse. Temptress looked shocked and said, "why in the world are you putting it in there?"

"Because," I replied, "that is where you keep lipstick, right?" And, I purchased it with the intentions of keeping it close by for those impromptu moments when I might not be at home near the toy box. SO in the purse it stayed for a couple of weeks until one day with the daughter, age 15, went looking for lip glass in my bag.

We were sitting in the doctor’s office waiting area when she grabs my purse, opens it up, and pulls out the shiny purple lipstick. “What color is this, Mom?” she asks. I look over (forgetting momentarily that I had anything unusual hidden in my bag) and started laughing.

“Don’t open that!” I said, “You will not appreciate that particular lipstick.” (a devilish, evil grin spread across my face)

She looked at me puzzled, then this look of sheer horror crossed her face as she dropped the vibe back in my purse and practically FLUNG the bag in my direction. “Ewwwwww, MOM, gross. Do you HAVE to carry one of those things in your purse? What’s wrong with you? If you were a prude like most moms I wouldn’t have to deal with this.”

“If you stayed out of my purse or asked first, you wouldn’t have to deal with this either,” I reminded her.

It was a funny, sex positive moment between mother and teen.


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LG, you crack me up, that's hilarious! Thanks for the great review Tonbo, I've always wondered if those things were worth the effort. They always seemed like they'd be pure novelty. How's the battery life? I know you haven't had it very long yet, but I'd love an update when you figure that out!

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First, glad to hear this cute little vibe worked for you, Tonbo!! I keep wanting to get one of these for a purse... maybe someday. :)

Second... oh my gosh, Goddess.... hubby and I are cracking up with your story. LOVE the moment, but even moreso, love the openness between you and your daughter. :) Great story all around. :)

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