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Lunch Time Surprise


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She told him when he came home for lunch, she had left him something on his dresser for him. :rolleyes: She had made plans to be gone for the rest of the day with a friend.

When he got home he made his lunch then went to the bedroom and looked on his dresser. There he saw a small camcorder with a note attached that read “A show just for you.” He sat down on the bed and turned it on. He saw that she had made a video of herself just for him.

She was dressed in a soft pink, see through negligee it had a split up the front, up to her breast, which were covered by silk material. With thin straps over her shoulders. He’d never seen her wear this before. It was so sensuous on her. Her lips had a shade of lipstick that was a glossy pink color. Matching her clothes. Provocative music was being played as he saw her sway her hips and move with the music in a seductive way. Caressing her body and moving her hips in a sexy way.

He couldn’t believe his eyes he wanted his wife to do this for him and she had felt a little uncomfortable because of her body. But for some reason uncomfortable was not what he saw here. She was invigorated and passionate. Perhaps it was not having a live audience that made a difference.

He wasn’t sure, but right now it didn’t matter, because he was loving what he was seeing.

She slowly pulled the straps down her shoulders and began to fondle her breasts and moan as if she was aching for them to be touched. He saw her take some oil and play with her breast while applying it generously. Her nipples were getting hard and she got closer to the camera so she could give him a closer look at her. Pulling and taunting them for his pure enjoyment. He was aching to come and help her out. She looked so good to him and he desired his wife. He could feel himself getting hotter the more he saw.

She slipped off her panties as she danced. Then he saw her lay back on the couch and began to playfully finger her sweet spot with one hand as the other continued to massage her breast. He could see that she was really turned on and her breathing was picking up. Then she reached over and pick up a dual vibrator (the same color of her clothes too. It’s like her to coordinate the colors.)

She poured lube all over the vibe. She turned it on and played with it between her legs, tantalizing herself on the outside . Prolonging the show she was giving me. Then she took the toy and slowly glided it inside her. I could see the joy on her face. She was really relishing the whole experience.

I was jealous of the toy I knew how warm and pleasurable it felt to come in and I wanted to be there.

Her hips began to move and push with her thrusting the toy. He saw her moving it in and out at an increasing speed. He knew it wouldn’t be much longer and she was gonna erupt with an orgasm any second. He was right she screamed and moaned with great depths of pleasure. After she was calmed down from the waves of passion, she walked up to the camera and said, “See you when I get home.” And blew me a kiss.

He knew that she was gonna be doing more, then just seeing him tonight. B)

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That was cute! SEXY and cute!

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