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Sudden Sexual Inspiration


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Feeling a little inspired.

Hope you like.

Emotions uneasily expressed

sexual tension bottled up

tears stained and swallowed

unable to break our barriers-

until now.

Smiles exchanged and bursts of laughter.

Our bodies engage and move in harmony

the music pumps and you're all I see.

Your figure swaying from left to right

hands firmly grasped upon my hips

the passion flows and I feel your energy.

"Take me to a new world," I seductively whisper into your ears,

"all the way."

Grinding and grooving to beats,

we proceed to another room.

Music still echoes beyond

my confidence vanishes, and you reassure me.

I flash a smile and next thing I know

your lips are on mine.

I close my eyes and feel the fire.

Nothing I've ever felt, such soft, tender lips.

You slip me a surprise.

Hands moving up and creeping down,

the connection strengthens.

We are experiencing so sexual, so real.

So new.

I want to finally do the unthinkable.

Help me, venture to the unknown.

Your gaze says it all,

I'm ready baby.

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