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After that first time we talked on the train about getting together again. Every time I look at you I picture you with my cum all over your pretty face, the sighs and smile when you came the second time, how my faced ached from your grinding yourself against me. Seeing you every day just makes me crazy. You tell me it did the same for you too when we’re able to talk.

“I want to crush your face between my thighs,” you whisper to me one day on the platform, “I want to ride your face until I totally loose it and begin to cum on you.” My face burns as you reach down and pat my cock - totally throbbing now - through my pants. ”Do you think you can give me your face again,” you say in an almost pouty voice, “can you give me your face and your cum.”

For some reason, the way you say it - and the fact that you are softly stroking my dick in a way no one can see - and the fact that we are surrounded by people waiting for the train - all of it makes me burst out laughing. I lean at you and give you a kiss on the cheek. Your skin feels hot on my lips. I whisper, “same rules?” You nod. ”I can do it,” I tell you, “name your time.” You look at me and then at your watch and smile. ”You’re not to busy now, are you?,” you ask innocently.

I think about my day - and then about the taste of your pussy; “No, I’m not too busy now, not too busy at all.” We both smile. You take my arm. ”Out here, like this, we can touch more - just not inside, at least not yet.” You confuse me but I am willing to play along - imagining you cumming, bucking on my mouth is enough to make me do most anything.

The walk to your apartment is easier this time - we know what we’re doing and the frenzy isn’t quite so bad . . . yet. As soon as you open the door though and I lean close and smell you I am in your control. ”Go to the room and get undressed for me. Be waiting on my bed.” I drop my bags on the sofa and go in and strip - lying on your cool bedspread waiting for you.

You come in a moment later, a cup of coffee in your hand and begin to undress. ”Would you like some coffee?” you ask nonchalantly. I say “yes.” ”Open your mouth,” you say. You take a sip and hold it in your mouth then lean over me and let is spill from your mouth into mind. For some reason this turns me on - a lot. You see my cock flinch when you do it. ”Mmmmm, I see you enjoy little games. We’ll have to find more to play some time, won’t we?”

As you undress I get to see your body for the first time. I love the look of your breasts as they fall from your bra. They nice looking and natural with round brown nipples. Your ass is round and your legs shapely but not long. You step out of your panties and stand in front of me. ”Like what you see?,” you ask. ”You know I do,” I tell you. ”You can see as much as you want - just no touching right now.”

My mind is on fire. I want to know how your breasts feel, how your nipples look when you get excited - I ache to touch you everywhere. ”More coffee?,” you ask. I say yes and you dribble more into my mouth. You put the coffee onto the table and put your hands between your legs. Your spread your legs and then your pussy. It looks smooth and wet. You slide two fingers into it and begin rubbing them in and out. ”Oh,” you say, “this feels good.” You pull them out and trace around my nipples with your wet fingers then bring them to my face for me to smell and taste.

“Lie back,” you tell me, climbing onto the bed beside me, “lie back and let me spread myself against your face.” I roll onto my back with me head on your pillows, your scent wafting up around me, making me want you more. You pass one knee over my face and sit down on my chest, spreading your pussy and rubbing your clit for me to see. You breathe hard as your finger yourself, the pale skin of your chest starting to tinge crimson.

“Give me your pussy,” I pant, “I want you on my face.” You’re shifting from side-to-side on my chest. I can feel the wet from your cunt on me. You kneel up and move a knee to either side of my head - your calfs push their way under my arms. Your head is back - “hold my ankles or feet” - a drop of wet dangles from your pussy and falls onto my face. It makes me moan out loud to taste you like that. I lift my head and reach my tongue to brush your lips and moving fingers.

As soon as you feel my mouth you settle your body down onto my face and lean forward, pressing your clit hard onto my lips. I twist my tongue up to it and begin to lick and suck at your. Your hands grip the bed frame over my head to give you more leverage against my face. Your hips roll over me, pressing your cunt hard against me, covering my face with the wet seeping from inside you. You press down on me and swivel - the flesh of your thighs and cunt and ass suffocating me.

You lean forward more, your breasts dangling down, your face crunched and red and contorted and you begin to bounce yourself on my red and contorted face. Your breath bursts out in loud raw puffs as you begin to cum - your body tight and trembling against my face. My hands are squeezing your feet - my knuckles are white - my cock is throbbing for you.

You continue to rest on my face and tremble and cum - more quietly now, sopping my face in what comes from inside you. My face is numb and warm and wet. Finally, with a wet sloppy sound, your pull you cunt off my face. Your chest and throat and face are still flushed and your eyes have a dreamy half sleepy look to them.

You lift your leg over me and lie down beside me for a second - our bodies touching along our sides and legs. I love the way your skin feels against mine. ”Your turn,” you sigh, “I want to have your cum now.” I begin to reach for you but you slap my hand away. ”We touched a little and it was nice, but that’s all this time.” I nod and kneel up beside you. I wipe my hand across my face to get some of your wet and use it to stroke my cock.

Looking at you there - naked, your breasts rising and falling, your eyes closed, your hand between your legs lazily playing - makes my cock and balls buzz for you. ”Where this time?,” you ask, your eyes still closed. ”Spread your legs for me,” I say, “I want to cum on your hand and pussy.” You smile and shift on the bed, spreading your legs and pussy wide open for me. Your lips and clit are still swollen and red, “like this?,” you ask. I stroke myself there over you until I feel my balls clench and my cum welling up through my cock. I point it at your wet fingers and spread cunt.

Globs of white cum run across your pussy and hand. You grind a finger into your clit when my cum lands and arch your back, cumming again. With your eyes still closed, you collect my cum from around your pussy and bring them - wet and sticky - to your mouth. You make obscene sounds as you suck your hand clean, returning to between your legs to collect the rest of the mess and bringing that to your mouth as well.

I collapse beside you - careful not to touch - and then feel your fingers touching mine. ”We should get up,” you sigh, “we have to get to work at some point.” I close my hand on yours and feel my heart beat strong, “I suppose so,” I say. And so together, we dress and make our way back to the platform to begin our days.

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