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Nipple Pleasers

This item is a nice concept. Two cylindrical nipple teasers attach to tubing through which a finger-controlled suction valve can create suction. It comes with the button cell batteries needed for it. The only downfall was that the directions weren't very clear for battery installation (in fact, i think they were the wrong directions entirely!). After a little bit I figured it out. The top of each teaser unscrews and the batteries go in there. Just be careful---the vibrator control screw and the battery access screw are near one another, so it is very easy to accidentally unscrew the battery access while you're trying to turn on the vibe. After that you are good to go and have some fun.

Within each teaser are tiny little ticklers to tease your nipples. At the same time, you can have create suction for increased stimulation. You place the teaser firmly over the nipple, ensuring a tight seal, and then with your other hand you use the finger-trigger control to pump air out via the tubing. You keep pumping it until you get the desired suction pressure that is appropriate for you.

They are a little troublesome to get situated. You need to hold the teaser in place with one hand, while using the trigger with the other hand. I had difficulty getting the first teaser to stay put while trying to apply the second teaser. I think it needs to have a little easier setup. Even still you can hold it on there as well and tease. Also, each tease has a quick release button if needed.

If you are the type that has very sensitive nipples (like I do), then I think that you will love this toy. I would definitely use this again. It was a new variety of play for us, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Hummm, never really seriously thought about getting anything like this .... but maybe I should reconsider.

Thanks for the review Shorty.

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I tried a triple pleaser thing a while back, nipples AND clit. It is VERY hard to manuever!!

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