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Cloning Audrey Hollander: Part Two


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After the night of introducing the makeshift "natural" dildo, I couldn't keep my mind off of the subject. I began researching the best toys and decided upon the CyberSkin "Real Man, aka Dream Cock" as the our first purchase. I went to the local adult store that day and purchase one. It seemed to be the perfect next size up from my dimensions. I had read the reviews of women saying that it was big but when I saw it in person I thought it was a great fit for my needs. We were both amazed at the quality in realism both aesthetically and physically, it really did feel like the real deal.

Excited, we headed to bed early that evening, anxious to test the new toy. It seemed comparable to most the male porn actors well hung stature. We pulled it out and her mouth instantly starting watering and she was immediately soaking in her g-string. She began going down on me (which always makes her wet, in this case wetter) as I rubbed the large new friend across her breasts and face. Her mouth lept from me to the Dream, stuffing it into her mouth. It was a wonderful moment, watching my sexy redheaded wife, with a cock other than my own between her lips.

I flipped her over onto her stomach, pointing her tight round ass into the air. She felt wetter than ever as I slid myself into her. "Suck that big cock as I fuck you," I told her. Inspiring her to stuff her throat deeper. It was hard to stop watching her but I forced myself to pry the Dream from her grip saying, "I want to see you wrapped around this now."

She eagerly waved her dripping bottom in the air, coaxing the Dream. I rubbed it all over her pussy, lubing up for entry, letting her feel the weight and size against her. With no effort, she devoured the entire Dream within seconds. I was hotter than ever, staring at the porn-star size cock go in and out of my wife. "Fuck me with that sexy big cock." she moaned, as I rubbed her clit with my fingers and stuffed her with every inch of the Dream, rubbing the life-like balls on her pink little asshole.

Talking dirty was always a sure way to ignite and explosive orgasm. "You look so fucking hot taking that big cock in you baby" were my last words right before she erupted, letting out yelps of pleasure as she squeezed herself tightly around the Dream. Collapsing from all fours onto her side, I roll her over and put her legs over my shoulders, plunging my rock hard erection into her. I can feel her quivering from the orgasm as she pulsates around my cock. I fuck her hard, to quickly initiate an encore, while she is still on the brim of the first one. Telling her, "You're such a good girl, taking that big cock like a pro. We're gonna stuff you with as much cock as possible" sends us both into a simultaneous orgasm.

Exhausted and spent we lay there smiling, petting each other to sleep, thinking of all the fun ahead as we drift off.

Within a few weeks we bought a second CyberSkin Dream Cock and the larger CyberSkin Extreme Cock, and the quite hefty Ken Ryker Super Cock to join in on the fun. We also acquired a free small silicone butt plug with a purchase which helped get her started on the anal pleasure. I began choosing only Audrey Hollander movies to watch, getting my wife clued in on just how hardcore I wanted to be with her. She responded with only emotions of excitement at the thought of getting stuffed to the max with a gang of big dicks.

Using two Dreams and myself we began the triple assault on her willing body. I put her down face first on the mattress with q Dream cock shoved in her mouth. I warmed her up with my throbbing cock then stuffed the second Dream in her. Within minutes she was begging for more, "Fill my wet pussy up with cock," she demanded. We watch Audrey on the screen taking two huge cocks in her pussy. "You want to be double stuffed in you pussy like that baby?!" I say, half asking half stating. "Come on squeeze your cock in my little pussy too, I want both those cocks stretching me out," she says. So i begin working my head in slowly, feeling her pussy make room for both cocks. "Oh God yes, fill me with two cocks baby" she says as I finish squeezing all of me in. I never knew a pussy could be so tight, it was a struggle to keep myself from cumming. She amazed me again, adapting with ease and with no complaints, taking two cocks in her pussy for the first time, with a smile.

"You feel so fucking tight stuffed with two cocks, put that cock back in your mouth, I want to watch you fuck these three cocks with two holes." She lifted the cock she was holding to her mouth and took in as much as she could. "You look so good taking three cocks baby" I said as I rammed her full, reaching around her to work the big dildo in and out to match my rhythm. I pounded her like a good little slut, filling her in a way she never knew before. She begins moaning as her orgasm approaches, unable to yell out with the large cock in her mouth. She moves her body with mine and released an orgasm unlike she had ever experienced, stuffed with three cocks.

It was a great triple stuffing, first double vaginal experience for both of us. "That felt incredible. I can't wait to get whats coming next" she exclaimed. "And I cant wait to give it to you" I replied, thinking of the other even bigger, crew of cocks waiting to stuff her into the next phase of becoming a clone of Audrey Hollander.

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