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I know for a fact that most guys like to see girl on girl action a.k.a. yuri. Not sure if girls like guy on guy action a.k.a. yaoi but I know some do and that was the original purpose of this story. This was another story that I wrote a while back for a friend of mine and I believe it is the only guy on guy story I have done so far. This also follows my them of mainly dominant and submissive behavior even though I can do other stuff besides that. This story is also fictitious.I have changed some names and some things for privacy sake. But if you're looking for guy on guy action hope you enjoy the story. Comments are appreciated as I still consider myself to be a novice erotica writer.

Last year at Wokotaria University , I shared a dorm room with a guy named Stephen. He was about as tall as me, had dirty blonde hair cut short, and pale blue eyes. He had a good figure, he had muscles, but not grotesque bodybuilderesque muscles. We became good friends very quickly and we had a lot of things in common. I always enjoyed making him laugh and some of the stuff he said made me also pass out of hilarity. So the past year we developed a really strong bond as friends. It stayed that way for a while, until about four weeks into the semester…

The way our schedules meshed I had classes every day that were always ran later than Stephen’s. So I got back to the dorm at about 2:00 p.m and Stephen was always there on his laptop surfing the net being done with classes. One thing you must understand about our dorm though, is that guys usually don’t wear much when in the dorm. We just strip clothes except for our underwear and stay that way until we have to go back out. I just went back to the dorm to change clothes since Wokotaria has a dress code.

So the four weeks passed and Stephen of course was at the laptop in just his boxers surfing the net. He looked back saw it was me and nodded, and I nodded back which was kind of our way of saying hey. I locked the door since I was one of the guys who was self conscious about my body, as I’m a little overweight. So unlike most of the guys, I took off my clothes except for my briefs, and then I usually just put a pair of lounge pants on. I looked away from Stephen to change. I unbuttoned my dress shirt and threw it in my hamper in the closet and took off my under tee. I stepped out of my khakis and hung them up.

I was just about to go to the other side of my room to get into my chest of drawers to get a pair of lounge pants, but before I could get there I turned around to see Stephen staring me right in the face. He grabbed my wrists with his own pinned me up against the wall and pressed his lips against mine. His tongue tried to part through my lips, but I tried to resist him by keeping my lips pressed together. I tried to get out of his grip but he was too strong for me. After much resistance, he managed to part my lips with his tongue and his tongue darted inside my mouth licking every inch of the inside of my mouth.

After he had done this he let go of my wrists, and I pushed him away. “What are you doing you sicko!?” I said in a very hushed yet angry voice.

Stephen just smiled at me and said, “You know you liked it!” In actuality, I had, and I had many fantasies about Stephen and me seeing how far we could go but I didn’t want to let him know that. I replied then, “No I didn’t!”

“Really?” he replied in a non-convincing tone. He sat down at the computer that came in our room, we each had our own laptop, and one school computer. I was signed in because I used it mostly, but every now and then Stephen used it just because he was too lazy to turn on his computer sometimes. He opened a word document that I had written a while back that was entitled “Proud Accomplishments of My Life.” Some of the things on there were pretty basic things that a male my age would write such as, I have french kissed a girl. However, unlike most males there were some more things on there that most males my age would not write such as, I have sucked a guy’s cock. I thought to myself, “Oh crap, why didn’t I put a security password on that?” I also thought, “Why did Stephen go through my files, that jerk!” As I was thinking these questions standing behind him, while he was sitting in the chair, I felt his hand rubbing my cock through my briefs. I jumped back and told him to stop it.

Stephen then moved to my bed, we had bunk beds and mine was on the bottom, and sat down on it. “Get down on your hands and knees, now!”

“Why should I?” I replied, “If you think I’m going to suck your cock you’re sadly mistaken.”

“I hate to hear you feel that way. However, if you don’t, I hope you enjoyed your time at Wokotaria.”

“What are you talking about?” I replied. He moved over to his laptop and opened Windows Media Player. On the movie clip he opened it showed a guy sucking on Stephen’s cock. In the movie Stephen was trying to push the guy off and crying telling him to stop. What really surprised me about the movie is that the person who was sucking his cock, was me, even though I had never done that.

Stephen said, “It’s a good thing to have a friend in the video editing major. No that’s not you, it’s someone else who edited the face to look like you. If you don’t do what I say, then I send these videos to everyone on campus to show that you are a cock-sucker. Oh, and if you manage to delete those files, I have back-ups that are hidden so I’ll be able to send them anyway.”

I was angry yet kind of excited. I was angry that Stephen would use such an underhanded trick such as blackmail, but yet I was excited because this would be a way to act out the fantasies I had constantly envisioned while I jerked myself off every night. However, despite my feelings I still wasn’t too happy with him because of his blackmail but it seems like I didn’t have a choice if I wanted to stay atWokotaria, and I did. I went to the bed and got down on my hands and knees facing my bed. Stephen sat down on the bed and said, “This attire won’t do at all, lose the briefs.” I did as he said so that I was completely naked except for my glasses, watch, and class ring.

Stephen ran his fingers through my dark brown hair. He then raised his ass off the bed and pulled his boxers down. I was amazed at what I saw. I was eye level with a humongous cock that was at least eight inches long and about an inch thick stiff as a flagpole with precum oozing out of its one eye. I scooted closer to him so that his cock was right under my nose. He said, “First lick my precum off and swallow it.” I let my tongue out and ran my tongue over his slit taking the precum in my mouth and I swallowed the salty clear liquid. I then ran my tongue over his head for a while, darting into his slit every now and then. I then licked down the right side of his shaft, licked back to the head on his sensitive underside, I then licked back down the sensitive underside and took his right ball in my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue loving the salty taste of his flesh. He let out soft moans, and as he realized this he bit his lip as to keep quiet so people wouldn’t expect anything. After rolling around his right nut, I licked up to his head again on the left side of his shaft and licked back down to his sac again on the underside and took his left ball into my mouth repeating the same process I had done with his right. After I was done with this I licked up and down the sensitive underside again and took his whole sac in my mouth rolling both of his nuts in his scrotum in my mouth. This sent him a little over the edge and he couldn’t control letting out a soft moan as I made love to his sac. I did this for about a minute before I licked on the underside a last time and got back to his head. More precum had oozed out at this time and I licked it off and ate it again.

I was now ready to start on his cock. I was still on my hands and knees as I took his head and about an inch in my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his cock to get used to the lovely taste and width of his cock. I could not believe that one of my fantasies was coming true. With one of my hands I reached up and fondled his balls while I continued to suck him. He was gripping my hair with a lot of force making my follicles hurt but I didn’t mind and he was biting his lip very hard trying his best to not let any moans out. I took another inch of his cock and continued my ministration and I could feel his cock almost reach the back of my throat and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to take any more in since I had never deep-throated a guy before, of course I had never sucked a cock this big before either. The guys I had sucked previously hadn’t even gone through puberty so I could get their tiny hard prick and balls in my mouth in one gulp. I knew that I would have to take his whole length inside my mouth if I was going to keep the videos from going out, so I started to relax my gag reflex and open my throat. After I thought I had done this correctly, I attempted to take another inch in. I felt his head hit the back of my throat so I angled my head a bit, and then I felt his shaft sliding down my throat. I then bobbed up and managed to force what I had taken down my throat until I got the rhythm down and I was able to bob up and down easily as over the expanse of the next few minutes I managed to take the remaining five inches in. So here I had, eight inches of one of my best friend’s cock inside my mouth looking like a complete bitch, his balls bouncing up against my chin. At this time he had a pillow against his mouth because he couldn’t help but moan so he decided to at least muffle his screams. I then opened my mouth a little wider and took his sac in my mouth so I was stuffed to the hilt as I continued to bob up and down as Stephen continued to grip my hair.

Stephen, his cock still in my mouth, stood up and pushed me back a little bit grabbed the hair on the sides of my head and pulled my mouth in deeper, and proceeded to face fuck me. I was no longer in control. I was on my hands and knees, him pulling out all the way only to enter me again trying to get me deeper and deeper and to give his cock and balls more pleasure. He proceeded to face fuck me for about three minutes. I then felt his cock jerk and he pulled himself back down on to the bed taking me with him, grabbed a pillow with all eight inches still down my throat and I heard him scream against the pillow. While he did this I felt his warm liquid trickle down my throat and creating a warming sensation into my gut. After twenty seconds of trying to swallow his liquid, he stopped cumming. I swallowed most of it but some dribbled out on my chin. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me I did a good job. We both got dressed and cleaned up as he had to get to track practice and I had to get to band. We both shared a kiss before we left.

Never had I expected to be living out my fantasy of sucking an adult cock and swallowing whatever load it gave me. I just figured it was a one time thing and that kissing and cock-sucking was how far it was going to go. However, I was completely wrong and Stephen had other plans.

I got back to the dorm at about six and Stephen was still out probably studying with Steph, his girlfriend, or something. I decided to get my homework done and surf the net, im with Catherine a bit. I told her what had happened and she was really excited about it as she finds guy-on-guy action hot. That instantly got her horny making her in a cyber mood, and we did with her as my mistress degrading me and torturing me, and we did this about an hour before she had to leave. It was about 8 when I got off and Pete came in, talked with him a bit and we both laughed a lot because Pete is a crazy guy but at about nine o clock he left, and Stephen arrived. Pete called me to his room and asked if I could go out to the lounge and get him a water before he started studying. I said sure, because like usual he was just in his boxers and I was fully clothed except for my shirt being unbuttoned. So I quickly buttoned it went out to the lobby with the dollar he gave me got him a water, gave it to him, then went back to my room. As I entered, I was instantly grabbed by Stephen again but this time my face was against the wall. He locked the door. He didn’t have a strong grip on me but I didn’t resist him since I was basically forced to do whatever he wanted me to do since my state at Wokotaria was still in risk. He stripped my clothes off so I was completely nude. I suddenly felt some cold metal against my hands. I tried to move them and then I realized my hands were cuffed behind my back. Stephen then threw me on the ground. I then felt my legs being cuffed to the bed and then having them spread apart. So here I was completely naked on the floor with my hands cuffed and legs spread apart having no way to move. Stephen got in front of me took off his pants and underwear, knelt down and ordered me to suck him completely five times. I did so as I took all eight inches all the way down my throat five time. He then took a ball gag from his closet and strapped it around my head. He then got behind me and I felt some cool liquid against my ass and then I realized what he was planning on doing and I knew it wasn’t going to be his fingers because he had me suck his cock. I tried to writhe free but since I was bound and gagged I really had no freedom to break from Stephen’s intentions.

I awaited nervously as I expected him to invade my anus. I then felt his hands on my cheeks as he spread them apart and inserted his head into my little hole. Even though it was just his head it was still a tight fit for me and I moaned loudly against the ball gag. Stephen then enjoying my screaming, decided to make my pain more and he shoved in as much as he could in one thrust, which was about three inches at once, and I was screaming against the ball gag. He then pumped in out for a bit before pushing in one thrust again this time five inches of his cock was in my ass and I screamed once again. Then once again he pumped in and out before pulling back one more time. I knew how much he had put in me because I felt his balls slap against mine, and my cock was rock hard at this time leaking precum. Stephen took his cock all the way out and inserted in all of his length again hitting my prostate. At this point I couldn’t hold it in any more and I came all over the floor. However, Stephen wasn’t over yet.

Stephen continued to pump his whole length of his cock in and out of my ass hitting me harder each time he re-entered. I kept on screaming and moaning against the ball gag as he kept on grunting softly. He had moved the fan over to where we were to prevent some mufflement. After he got his rhythm going he reached around with one hand to feel my cock. He wrapped his hand around my shaft and as he continued to rip my ass apart he gave me a hand job until he developed a nice rhythm. Every time he pulled out of my ass he pulled up on my cock and every time he came back in he pulled down on my skin on my cock, so it was alternating. After about two minutes of this, I felt his cock jerk in my ass and I was hoping that he would pull out for the sake of me but I soon felt his cum fill my bowels, and at this time I came once again. I thought this was done but I was surprised to still feel Stephen’s hard penis still pumping in and out of my ass and his hand still playing with my cock.

He continued to fuck me this way until he finally grew soft. He had came about three times in my ass and I had so many orgasms I couldn’t remember how many I had. When he finally pulled out, he took his ball gag out of my mouth. Lifted me up by my hair and bent my face down to the puddle of cum I had left. He said to me softly with an evil smile, “You made a mess of our floor, lick it clean!” So here I was licking my own cum off the floor like an animal. He then unhooked my bonds on my legs. But left the handcuffs on and reinserted the ball gag. He got on my bed put the fan on high on my bed and he pulled me up by the hair over his lap. He then said, “You’ve been a very bad boy, submitting to another man and making me cum. You need to be punished.” With that he brought his hand down to my ass with great force spanking me so hard I screamed into the ball gag. I had thought that my ass had already been abused enough but apparently not according to Stephen. He spanked me hard for a while until he finally saw that it was red. He then removed all my bonds and my gags and allowed me to get cleaned up and dressed. I looked up at the clock before I did and saw that it said 10:30 . Stephen had been fucking me for about an hour and a half. And although I wasn’t too wild about being fucked in the ass at first, I wouldn’t take a single second of that back as I enjoyed being controlled by Stephen.

When I got done showering, and dressed. Stephen said to me, “Well I hope you had fun, because from now on I am going to control you unless you want to be expelled from Wokotaria.”

I replied, “But Stephen I already have someone who controls me and that’s my mistress and she’d feel betrayed if I was controlled by someone else. But in order to stay at Wokotaria, I will happily suck your cock daily and let you fuck me weekly.

Stephen although not totally happy agreed. He pushed me down on my knees one more time and I gave his cock a kiss. We then decided to go to bed. He decided not to use his bed and we slept together, making out until we fell asleep.

Over the rest of the year at Wokotaria, I kept my promise by eating Stephen’s cum daily and getting anally fucked every week. I never got to fuck him or have him suck his cock but I didn’t mind him using my body. I told Catherine what I was doing to Stephen and she said she didn’t mind him being my master for a little bit, on one condition. I imed her back asking what that condition was. She required me to be her sex toy. I messaged he back saying,

“Catherine my body will always be yours and yours alone. I am your own personal sex toy and you can use it any way you wish to and it will always be that way.

If you would like me to write a specific erotica let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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