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Just Heard About The Bullet Today


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I have never looked at sex toys before .. a gal I work with told me all I need is a Bullet... she said all I have to do is ask anyone who has used one ...and everyone agree's it's a must have... what do you think?

This may seem like a stupid question.. please forgive me for being naive, but with the wireless ones... what are the chances of having to go "surfing" to get it out??


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a bullet is a great 1st toy to start with; as stated a cordless bullet will have a string for retrieval; another good 1st toy is a no frills vibrator, which can be used like a bullet and more. I'm attaching 2 links for you to look at to help you out. Don't forget the lube. Too Timid makes a great all purpose lube.

Velvet Touch Bullet

Ultra Smooth Vibrator

Remember the above are only suggestions, take a look around in the vibrators categories and make sure to read the reviews to help you with your decision making process.


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Hello there and welcome! Don't feel bad! We were all like you too! Bullets are primarily used externally on your clitoris. So I don't think you would need to worry about retrieval. If you want to use something for penetration you should start with a simple vibe like something on this page :)

Beginners vibes

Have fun and let us know your progress!

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I agree with your friend, the bullet is a sex toy staple! Most are easy to use, fun, simple to care for, inexpensive, and, the most important thing....they WORK!

Some are insertable, others are just for external use (like the wireless one). But, the ones with the wire are usually waterproof, and therefore, insertable. People usually use the wire to retrieve the bullet. Though, it's not like a bullet could get LOST up there easily. Some people like to insert wireless ones, almost like ben-wa balls, and are able to get them out with little effort.

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