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Icicles Mind Blow-her


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Icicles Mind Blow-Her

I just can’t say it enough, I just LOVE glass toys! And this toy is taking an honored place amongst my growing glass collection!

Measuring at only 5.5” long, and about 1.25”, this iridescent coated dildo, with a blue helix pattern blown in the middle of it, a base, which can be used as a handle or allow it to stand up. I don’t think that this one would fit into a harness, since the base is only at the bottom. The shaft slightly tilts up as well. All in all, this toy is a beautiful piece of sex-art!

It’s definitely phallic, so, this one can’t be out on display incognito. People will KNOW what this item is. It has a phallic head, and 3 ripples, like skin, at the top, where the head flows into the shaft. So, yeah, it kinda screams PENIS! LOL

So, I wash my toy, which, BTW, can be used heated up with hot water (do not put it in the microwave, this can heat the toy unevenly which can cause it to crack, plus, the iridescent paint may crackle/crack in the microwave as well), or put in the fridge to chill. Either way, this toy has loads of possibilities.

Washing it in warm, soapy water, I didn’t even let it dry before trying it out. Grabbing some lube (doesn’t matter what kind, since it’s not porous, and easily sterilized), and a bullet, I teased myself for a short time, and then slid the dildo over my labia, which at first, was a bit of a shock because the dildo was cold. Whoo-hoo!! Slowly warming up to my body heat, I used the dildo and teased myself a bit more. Ok then, we have excitement! Sliding it in was a breeze, and I could slightly feel the head’s ripples, but not much. Then, using the base, I thrust the dildo in & out of me, with my bullet lovingly buzzing on my clit, & brought myself to several orgasms!

Yes, this toy definitely BLEW my MIND! 4 outta 4 Tyger Paws, tail straight out, and claws outstretched!!!!

Get Blown Away!

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Nice! I <3 my glass friend too... :)

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Oh man, I am sooooooooo jealous!!!!!

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  • Review Team

I love glass and this one looks oh so nice!

Thanks for the review. And for helping me pick my next purchase! :P

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