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Nefertiti Waterproof Massaging Bullet


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It's my belief that one can never have enough bullets, and, after one of my favorites finally gave up the ghost, I decided I needed to try something a bit different. I have a couple other “Berman Center/Dr. Laura Berman” items, so I was eager to see if Nefertiti was as fabulous as the others in her line. Also, I’m a big Egyptian connoisseur, so I was intrigued to try it out. And remember, the Berman line of toys are for women, designed by women, so you have items that are specially designed to work for you!

Upon getting it, I was super-excited to see that it came with 2, count ‘em, 2 sets of the watch size batteries needed to power them (4 each, in their own little plastic sleeve, so insertion & removal is sooo simple!). Inside the bullet, where the batteries go in, there’s a little diagram showing which way the positive end goes, which is always helpful.

The bullet is a fuchsia color, and has a really LOOONG nylon cord attached to it at the base, so if it slips while you’re pleasuring in the shower or tub, it’s easy to retrieve. It’s a bit tapered at the end, almost to a point, which gives you more direct stimulation, and that’s never a bad thing, IMO.

It also came with a cute little rose colored mesh pouch to keep it in.

After putting in the batteries, I twisted the base back on, and a bit more of a twist, and you get the one speed this bullet has, which is HIGH! And it’s really not that loud either. I loved the strength of the vibes, and how easy it was to hold onto. Using the bullet on my labia and then paying special attention to my clit, along with a new dildo, I was able to reach my strong orgasm in very little time.

Discreet enough to tuck in a purse for that middle-of-the-day stress relieving O, or to keep in your nightstand, this little bullet really lives up to its royal name!

We have all 4 Tyger Paws waaaay up in the air, and a back arched-rating on this one!

Worship Nefertiti

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Thanks so for the great review Tyger. I always wondered if Dr. Bermans toys lived up to thier hyped up advertising. I'll have to give them a try.

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