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Get ready to open a Pandora's Box of Mythical proportions!

Pandora is a small toy (3.75” long, 0.75” at its thickest) with a nice gentle vibration. It can go in any “box” but we found pandora to be more pleasurable as an anal toy. Mr. SP gave this toy two thumbs (and a large stiffy to emphasize) “Way UP!”

Batteries were included (3- LR44 watch batteries), so a quick scrub with antibacterial soap and we were ready to play. The soft silicone surface is very easy to clean. Remember no silicone lubricants or it will melt this toy. Because silicone is porous good hygiene, and general safety rules dictate, that you clean this toy with antibacterial cleaner throughly before using vaginally if you have used it for anal play.

Shaped like a small gaffing hook, the base is a rocker shape, that fits your hands nicely while inserting, but curves deliciously up into the perineum (the t’aint spot: you know, “T’aint ass, T’aint pussy/dick”). The pressure on this delicate skin with full penetration of the toy adds a masterful addition to the pleasure. Mr. SP found that by tightening his anal muscles, the rocker bottom pulled up and pressed into the muscles under his penis, and that the combination of this massage, and the internal tickling from the penetrated shaft and hook, allowed him to cum with no penile stimulation at all. Of course, combined with a BJ and a hand job, Pandora added unbelievable variety for solo or mutual play. The tip of this little treasure hooks over to allow for naughty exploration of your G-spot or P-spot. And women, if you use this toy anally, even though we don’t have a P-spot, the hook is still amazing. And if your man penetrates you vaginally when it is inserted in your anus, he will feel the hook tickle HIM through your walls!

The shaft of this soft blue toy bulges out slightly in the middle to add a nice full feeling to the rectum or vagina, but has a long slender area down to the base, so both rectal sphincters are able to close tightly around the toy to prevent that feeling that it is going to pop out and shoot across the room. Mr. SP found this secure feeling helpful when I climbed on top to ride out the remains of his hard on. It never felt like it was going to fall out, and added a whole new spin on the sensations he had experienced with our last play sessions without vaginal penetration. When I used it during another session for solo anal play, I liked that with the addition of a bullet for my clit, I could feel a gentle squeeze and pulse inside my rectum without feeling like I was being rendered. I tend to like my anal toys small and this fit the bill nicely.

The vibrations were unbelievable quiet. You almost have to hold it right up to your ear to hear it. The only down side of this toy is the 7-function vibration pattern button. It is a one button deal for on/off, and scrolling through all the various speeds and functions. Good for ease of finding and reaching but once you cum, you have to keep pressing what seems like a million times to shut it off. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say about this toy.

Mr. SP said I need to get my own, because he has claimed it as his! By far his most favorite purchase!!

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