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Tongue Teaser


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Tongue Teaser

The tongue teaser is a fun novelty item. It is 100% silicone with a band to secure it to your tongue. It says it has 40 minutes of use but it is still working for me.

It is very easy to use just a push button switch. I turned it on and secured it to my tongue to see how it would feel. To me, it was a very strange odd feeling (imagine your favorite bullet on your tongue). But my husband really liked using it. He said it didn't feel too different to him. The vibes from the tongue are surprisingly strong from how little this product is. It delivers wonderfully and isn't any louder than any of my other toys in my box.

Even though it says one time use, I have been able to wash it up and continue to use it until the batteries finally run out. my husband and I have had some fun sessions with this toy. I have found I don't need to wear it on my tongue to use it while giving my husband a blow job. This toy is a fun product, while I don't think it would be a mainstay in out toy box but for a weekend away or just a weekend in, it is a good affordable buy.

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I've seen this item on a few sites, with mixed feedback. Glad that it's still working for you!!

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