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Jesus Is Watching The Thieves


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A thief was watching a house out in the country just after dark. He waited until the unsuspecting family pulled away from the house and left, and made his way to the side of the house.

He carefully opened a window and slid into the house. He was creeping through the dining room when from out of the darkness a voice said, "I can see you, and so can Jesus." Startled the thief pressed up against the wall and did a quick look through the dining room and front room. Seeing no one, he began to move again stealthfully. Again a voice said, "I can see you, and so can Jesus."

The voice was really close to him, but his eyes had adjusted to the light, and there was clearly no one in the room. He looked up and noticed there was a parrot in a cage in the corner on top of a buffet.

The thief walked over and said "You stupid bird, you scared the cr-p out of me. What's your name bird?" The bird replied "My name is Hank, I can see you, and so can Jesus." The thief said "What a stupid name for a bird, so, you think you can stop me Hank?" The bird replied "No I can't, but just so you know, they named the rottweiler Jesus."

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