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Review by: ladylove 11/17/08

The Ultra Inflatable Position Master wedge gives ease to positioning during sex play. It measures about 30 inches long and ranges from 4 to 14 inches in depth. It has two sets of handles, one set by each end, to help during playtime. It’s comfortable with a soft covering, that’s easy to wipe up if needed. It states it will holds up to 300 pounds and is generous in size. Blowing it up takes no time at all if you have some sort of pump, but if you have to blow it up manually take your time, or take turns, it’s big. I initially made the wedge very firm, and after our session it needed the smallest of refills to firm it up again. I comes with repair patches just in case, but we didn’t need them. We wanted to store it under our bed, so we had to deflate it a little bit to make it fit.

My Husband and I were very excited to try The Ultra Inflatable Position Master and we’re not disappointed. We gave it a very strenuous trial. Together we weigh about 280 - 285 which is close to maximum weight, so we were unsure if we could both be on it and give it a beating. We started off carefully, with me being on the wedge, moving from position to position, cautiously at first; then, both of us being on it at once, giving it a good pounding. No blow out! The handles aided us in keeping position with some of the more creative play, and they were in excellent placement for grasping. You may choose to tie your partners hands to the handles with a scarf????? Just an idea... This wedge is a fabulous sexy toy, enhancing almost any positions from doggie to missionary, and all in-between. We were able to be pretty creative, and it was so much better than using pillows. I give the Ultra Inflatable Position Master 4 out of 5 hearts.

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