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There is definitely a way to achieve this (if your GF is able) check out my article for all the helpful advice I can render:

G-Spot orgasm how to

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Some can and some cannot. Has she been experience G-spot orgasms? That's probably the best way to go. You might get a g-spot toy.

If she's already there, squirting has a lot to do with letting go rather than tensing up.

I have to agree with the letting go part. My wife Di would ocassionally squirt when we were first having sex but it had to be really intense and she would apoligize afterwards. It took a long time for me to covince her that she wasn't peeing on me and that she was really cumming. Now after some research she has finally decided that she is actually female ejaculating and she lets go totally when she cums and thourghly enjoys the experience. So tell your girl friend to relax, enjoy and let things happen. JJ

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