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As we know, Cyberskin products need a little more care, to keep them soft, supple & realistic feeling. Also known by other names, from other companies, as UR3/Ultra Real 3 or RealSkin, and I’m sure there are/will be others, basically all these types are the same: silicone-based products designed to feel like the real thing, whether it’s a dildo, mouth, fake pussy, love dolls, asses, and there's even a fake hand! They can warm up quickly, to one’s body heat, and they can honestly feel almost like real skin!

Keep your silicone real-feeling toys clean, since they are porous. Storing them in a plastic bag so they won’t dry out (or the original packaging), or get damaged by another toy is important too. However, I have noticed that, after washing & storing, the toys seem to loose their softness. I have been meaning to get some talc powder, which is recommended to keep them soft. So, I decided to try the Cyberskin Renew, which is marketed as a specific cyberskin care product.

The bottle is 1.2 wt oz, which is about 36 grams. It’s made of Zea Mays (Corn) Starch in the USA. It has a shelf-life of 12 months after it’s opened. There is a screw on cap. You’ll see that the hole at the top of the bottle is small. Make sure that your toy is clean & completely dry before applying Renew.

Grabbing my College Stud, which I still have in its plastic packaging, I grabbed the Renew, opened up the stud’s package, and slowly squeezed the Renew’s bottle. It came out fairly controlled, but it IS a powder, so, if you have allergies or breathing problems, please be aware of this. I put about 3 small spurts of it on one side, and rubbed it in. Then I did about 2 more spurts of it on the other side, and rubbed it all over. A little goes a long way. I was totally impressed the difference that this stuff made on my Stud! Yes, we have the soft, silky, non-sticky, smoothness of real skin once again!

I am SO glad that I got this product! 4 out of 4 Tyger paws for toy-care!

Cyberskin Renew

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Thanks for the great review Tyger. I was anxious to know what you thought. Guess I'll be getting some for my own college stud. :)

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Guest eminatic

its good to know this is made of cornstarch

talc/baby powder has been linked to cervical/ovarian cancer, and lung cancer when inhaled. that is why they no longer use it in barbershops.

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TO31295.jpgCyberskin Renew

Having collected a few cyberskin toys over the last few years, I was noticing they were starting to get a little dry, some were sticky feeling, and others just didn’t have that soft realistic “skin-like” feel to them any more.

Because cyberskin toys are porous they need to be kept clean and dry. Keeping them in their original packaging, or a plastic bag are the best way to protect them. If treated properly, these toys can last a lifetime

without losing their realistic feel. Before storage, clean well with an antibacterial soap, then make sure they are completely dry (a cotton cloth, or a hair dryer on a low setting works well if you don’t want anyone spying them in the dish rack air drying by the sink). Once dry it is recommended to sprinkle them with dusting powder. I am always hesitant to put any sort of talcum powder where it could come in contact with the vagina, as there is a link between ovarian cancer and talcum powder. However, the Cyberskin Renew is made with corn starch which has no association with ovarian cancer. The down side is, that like any corn based product, it is perishable and only good for 12 months once opened.

It comes in a 1.2 oz bottle (thats 36 grams dry weight for all you metric lovers), that has a small hole in the top. A light squeeze and a fine mist of powder breezes out. I was fearful of a huge dust cloud engulfing my bedroom, but was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the powder dissipated, and most clung to my toys and with a gentle rub and stayed coating the toys. Once I put it in a plastic sandwich baggie I gave a few gentle squirts to allow for additional coating protection while in storage, then sealed it up for later play.

I was a little concerned with how this was going to work when I was ready to play again, because the fine powder coated the toy so throughly. Was it going to be like paste when I added water to clean it before my next use? Was it going to remain as any type of residue? NOPE! It was fantastic, washing off easily and leaving my toys soft and new feeling all over again. If you have spent the extra money to purchase a cyberskin toy, it is definitely worth the extra few bucks to keep it protected with Cyberskin Renew.

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