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Eden Tropical Fantasy Massage Kit


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Have you been looking for a new & sensual massaging kit that would be either a nice addition to your own bedroom, or a really nice gift for anyone? I have found JUST the perfect thing!

Adam & Eve’s Eden line has designed this wonderful kit, of 4, yes 4, very wonderful fragrant, yet not perfume-y, scents in 1 fl. oz. glass bottles. Each bottle has a milky cap, and each one has a colorful label: green for the Sugar Cane Seduction, hot pink for the Rain Forest Fantasy, yellow for the Whispering White Lotus, and a beautiful blue for the Midnight Ocean Mist. All in a nice, neat clear plastic box that’s perfect for wrapping, & easy to get into. These bottles can be displayed anywhere since they’re very pretty, and a lot like many regular fragrances are bottled and decorated.

All made in the U.S.A, each scent is very distinguishable, and just as yummy as the next! All of the ingredients are listed as the same: Mineral Oil, Androstadienone, & Fragrance. I’m sure each “fragrance” is a bit different, but that’s what’s listed on the bottle.

We tried each one, on separate nights, massaging my arms, back, neck, breasts. The scents are fairly feminine, however the Midnight Ocean Mist does have a bit more of a masculine scent to it, so it could be used on a man without him smelling too girlie. The spritzer nozzles are like perfume spritzing caps, and it spurts out a nice amount. Since this is mineral oil, a little goes a looooong way. It gets absorbed into the skin very nicely, isn’t greasy or slick feeling like some oil-based products can feel. Plus the scent lasts a long time, several hours in fact. But it’s not strong or obnoxious either.

You can even use this like a perfume too. Just spritz & rub into your skin. You’ll feel fresh, clean, and if you’ve used this with your lover, it can also be a wonderful reminder of the time you shared using it. Smell is one of the major memory triggers, so go make some memories!

I love them all!! If I had to choose, my favorite would have to be the Sugar Cane Seduction, with the Rain Forest Fantasy in close second!! If there was such a rating, I'd give it 20 outta 20 Tyger Paws WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY up!!!! Yes, it's THAT good!!!

Fulfill your aromatherapy fantasy!!

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Wow sounds great. Sugar cane seduction, I want to eat that up!!

Being a red head I tend to have more sensitive skin and hate heavily perfumed lotions, etc. So this sounds like a winner!!

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