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Ophoria-Bliss No. 3

When I saw this toy on the site, & read the description, I was very curious to see how well it works. To me, it looks similar to something a doctor would have in his exam room, like one of those tools that checks your ears.

Made of 100% pure Japanese platinum silicone, this toy is “splash proof”, but NOT waterproof. It’s for EXTERNAL use only….no vaginal play. It has 3 hot pink pop-on silicone heads, and one setting turned on by a large single button that is on the base of the toy, and the handle is a soft pink & ergonomically designed (it’s tilted forward near the top) so that you can angle it a lot easier & comfortably. It’s also easy to hang on to. It’s wider at the base, so it won’t slip easily.

I washed it all carefully, & let it dry completely before playing.

It takes 2 AAA batteries, which go in at the base, which twists on & off. There’s even an Open & Closed label, so you know if you have it back on correctly. Pressing the button at the bottom, I noticed that it’s rather quiet, and, for me, the vibes are medium strong. I was impressed so far.

Putting the heads on is just a matter of getting the lip of the t-shaped holder into the hot pink head, then sliding it on. They hold on rather tightly, so no worrying about it coming off accidentally. The heads are soft, yet firm, and feel silky to the touch. Remember, since this toy is made of silicone, so do NOT use silicone based lubes with it! There is a long pointy head, with a small ball at the very tip of it, for more direct stimulation. There’s a medium tall one with a bigger ball at the tip, for a little more coverage with stimulation, and then a rounded one, which gives fully rounded stimulation, as well as less intense. I love to have several options.

Personally, I loved the longer one, preferring to have more direct clit stimulation. The vibes were strong enough to give me an orgasm after a few minutes of stimulation.

Plus, the heads being silicone, make them a bit softer to the touch, and not as hard as some other toys, while still offering the stimulation most women crave.

I give this vibe 4 out of 4 Tyger Paws and a tail swish too!

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I have no idea if there's a big difference between the 2 silicones, actually! LOL I haven't noticed a difference. I would assume that it's the brand name of the silicone maker.

This toy is BETTER than a Pocket Rocket, since it has the 3 heads, which are softer than a regular p.r. toy, but similar to one, since it's not insertable & has only one speed.

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