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Climax Gems Margarita Bubbly


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Besides being totally adorable, the Margarita Bubbly is really fun and seriously quite. We played with it for at least an hour before having sex and several times solo. The bubbly textured shaft is soft and very flexible for added pleasure and really hits the spot. It's easy to grip even when alone and has various speeds. Medium High is my favorite. ;) The vibrating bullet is located at the tip of she shaft - perfect for hitting it just right.

The grip super easy to maneuver and hold. The bottom unscrews to place 1 AA battery (Not included) and secures tightly so you can use it anywhere you like! It's waterproof too. Maybe you could have that drink in a bubble bath? Sounds like a plan to me! The color of the toy is much more vibrant in person - it's sort of flushed in the picture. It's real easy to clean with hot water and/or anti-bacterial soap/toy cleaner. I would suggest some sort of non cloth bag for storage so it doesn't pick up any hairs or debris.

I don't do anal but I would suggest someone trying this anally. I bet those nubs would feel awesome, and it's only 1 inch around!

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