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I just wanted to share something with everyone. During this holiday season please think twice before you get behind a wheel to drive after you have been drinking. Too many innocent people are being hurt or killed due to such carelessness. I am so sick and tired of it.

In 1993 I lost a date to a senior prom as he was killed by a drunk drive the day of the prom. He left school to go get his tux with his buddies. Well a drunk driver ran a red light and hit their car. 2 of them died and the other has a severe brain injuries and has never been right since.

Well also on Christmas Day at about 10 pm I got a call my 2nd uncle. It is my grandfather's brother was killed by a drunk driver. Yes some say well he lived a long happy life...he was 88. Still that doesn't mean it is hurting any less that we lost him. He still drove a motocycle from Upstate PA to FL every year as he migrated down there during the colder weather. My parents were going down to visit him in February. Well a drunk driver crossed the grassy median and hit him and threw him 15 feet and he was killed. It is very hard even more so due to the holiday. When we got the call it just floored me

It made me realize that you need to live every day like it is your last. Remember to tell those that you love that you do love them and never go to bed or leave each other angry as you never know.

So please remember to not drink and drive. Call a friend....stay where you are......call a cab, but please don't drive. I am tired of ASSHOLES killing the people I love for a night of fun.

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:( So sorry for your loss SS! Sincerely...
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Guest eminatic

where i live there is a designated drivers program. it is available 24/7, you can call at ANY time you need a ride and it is free. it is designed to keep teens from driving drunk, so you have to be under 21 to use it.

also in my home state, they changed the laws so that killing someone while driving drunk can be tried as MURDER in the first degree, NOT manslaughter.

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