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Help For E-d... Erection Issues?


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I reposted this...... the other title looked like I was asking for help for someone named Ed!!!

i just joined the forum today after lurking for a while....

my hubby and I have been happily married for 25 years and for the most part sex has been great......

although recently, i've been a little disappointed b/c he's having issues getting/staying hard. he doesn't like to talk about it. i've read up on supplements and bought him arginine and omega 3, etc.,, but he doesn't take them regularly. He's always interested in sex, but lately I don't want to because i don't want to embarass him!! He thinks he's ready to, but then he doesn't get hard..... i'm patient and try oral and creams and then once he's hard enuf , he enters me and cums in a minute......which isn't exactly so pleasurable for me.... wham, bam, thank you ma'am....

he always want to give me oral (WHICH I LOVE), but i'm afraid that if i let him, whatever level of hard-on he has will go away while he's getting me to cum.....

so, i bought a pandora and want to try that on him to see if that would help..... alogn with the max size male enhancement cream that I bought after reading mikala's review. has anyone or their partner with ed issues used Max Size and did it help???

my hubby has high blood pressure and so i don't want him to take viagra.....but at the same time, i hope we haven't lost his rock hardness forever!!! we're both way too young!!! (i'm 46 and he's 52!!)

anyone have any other ideas??? thanks much!

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There are a lot of factors that contribute to ED.

His high blood pressure alone could cause blood vessel issues that make it more difficult to maintain an erection. If he is on blood pressure medication that is usually another large contributer to erectile dysfunction.

On a more psychological level, if you are worried about "embarrassing him" and he is worried about disappointing you, there can be a huge performance issue impacting this as well.

Communication with him is a big key. If he is coming quickly after penetration it may not be ED, it may be something else. And if he is wanting to pleasure you first, it may not be as noticible for you if the actual intercourse is shorter. Remember, sexual relations with your spouse can be a much wider range than just poking it in and thrusting. Sometimes mutual masterbation or pleasuring each other without any focus on penetration can go a long way to decreasing performance anxiety, and still bring you closer together as a couple.

Having a conversation with his MD is a great place to start, as they will be able to see if his meds can be changed or if there are other physical problems that can be addressed. And PLEASE remember that viagra is NOT a miracle pill. Some doctors are very good at working with ED, and others leave a lot to be desired and are just pill pushers. If his MD does not seem to have a lot of experience he can consider seeing a urologist (they are the male equivalent of the female's gynecologist.)

ED is a multifaceted issue, and is not likely going to be answered on a forum, or by using creams and cock rings. These tools and toys may help, but I have found in my experience that the more you as a couple talk about what is bothering you, worrying you, and what fears you are both struggling not to tell the other one, the faster you can progress in your relationship.

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I wrote an article on ED (the types, causes, solutions and support systems) for those who want some information and links to cites that may help.

It is in the sex ed (article and tip) section.

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