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I'm really thinking about starting my own whip collection. I just LOVE them and have not come across one that I did not. This one is really no different.

The overall look of the whip is one word: Sexy. And it's so simple too, that's the great part. You've got about 9 inches of tail strings that are made of a soft suede. Depending on the mood and what you like, this can deliver a nice, soft, caressing tickle; leaving you with delightful goosebumps. Or you're going to get a really good, sharp crack on the ass, tits or wherever your lover is directing the whip. My favorite was the soft tickle on my tits and then a quick crack on them. And repeat!

The handle is about 7 inches and the design on it is pretty cool and catches the eye. I'm not sure of what the material is wrapped around the handle, but if your hands are sweaty or have lube on them it could get slippery. But with it being wrapped around the handle itself, it makes gripping a bit easier. It could be kind of hard to clean, if you're that tidy, but until I experiment a bit more I'd say you could clean it with wipes and a q-tip. At the end of the shaft, there is a loop convenient for hanging up during storage or to slip your wrist into for extra grip and security. The material on the inside of the loop is nice and soft so it doesn't irritate your skin. This is a really good addition to any collection or for the first time BDSM experimenter.

Note: This was this was bought outside of the reviewers circle.

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*whip it, whip it good!!*

Sorry, couldn't resist!!! :P:lol:;)

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