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The color of this vibe gave me the strange sensation of wanting to get a black light for the first time in many years. This HOT PINK vibe also got the song “PINK IS MY FAVORITE COLOR” By Aerosmith stuck in my head for days!! While pink really isn’t my favorite color it did set the mood rather well.

Being waterproof made this vibe easy to clean. Some hot water and antibacterial soap and its play time! Removing the bottom cover, I found battery instructions (always a plus) for the 2 C batteries. Once inserted all it takes is a twist of the cap to go from low to high. Each little shift a different and more intense vibe. As far as noise level this vibe was rather loud, which I have found it most plastic vibes to be an issue.

The vibes are felt throughout the shaft making this vibe perfect for clitoral stimulation and insertion. The ridges and curved tip were a new feeling to me I rather enjoyed it. The length was perfect, at 6 ¼” its really all I needed, and the width you really can't go wrong at 1 1/4''

It did not take much for me to orgasm with this vibe. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a little something different.

Now if I could just get this song out of my head!!!


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You don't know how many times that I think of that song when I see a new toy here that's pink! LOL Great/warped minds think alike!!!

Glad you liked the toy too!!

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Pink it was love at first sight... Yeah pink it's like red but not quite....

...in MY head now too! :)

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