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On the go? I am! Sometimes you just need a little release when you’re on the go. You KNOW what I mean! Having a bad day at the office? Kids screaming at you too much? Missed/late for an appointment? You need a de-stressor. For those on the go, there’s this little toy, the Fukuoku Travel Buddy.

This “kit” also comes with a black, velvety drawstring pouch, adding to the “on the go” & discreet capabilities of this vibe. AND the batteries (2 “N” sized) are included! Just buy, clean, stow, & GO!

The waterproof, purple, plastic vibe, feels velvety to the touch, is easy to clean, & helps give a stronger vibe. There’s a phthalates free, purple, TPR (jelly) sleeve that slides over it (use a drop of lube or water to slide it on easily), is bumpy on the shaft, & on the head there are 4 soft prongs sticking up. It kind of reminds me of a 3.5” long, 1” diameter, bumpy slug! LOL

The vibe is fairly powerful & quiet. The base is a twist on/off, & has a dial on the bottom to turn the vibes up from low to a medium-high. The sleeve makes the vibe quieter, which is great for those quickies in the office, bathrooms, planes, ect.

I used this toy, rubbing it all over my labia & clit. But, I found out that the sleeve also absorbs quite a bit of the vibe strength as well, though adding some textured stimulation to my playing. I will admit that I am a tough Tyger to please, when it comes to my vibes. I like ‘em strong. This toy was exciting, but, with the sleeve, it didn’t make the trip. When I took the sleeve off, and just used the plastic vibe on my special parts, that was much better. It felt good, & I had a nice orgasm, but not mind-blowing.

I give it a 2.5 Tyger Paw rating (out of 4 Tyger Paws), for effort, potential, and discreetness.

Take A Trip

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