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Valentine's Day And A New Date


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So, what do you do when Valentine's day is coming, and you have a girl you've only dated a couple of times?

(Not my problem now, but with V-day a week away, got me wondering what people do.)

Some years ago, V-day was coming, and there was a girl I had only dated a couple of times. I asked a friend, "wuddo I do? Is it to early to do anything? Do a get her some small something? Do I - "

"Send her a dozen roses," he says confidently.

"Yeah?" I say uncertainly.

"Yes! Do you know where she works? Send them to her work, to embarrass her in front of all her co-worker friends."

"Are your sure about this?"

"Absolutely. Gotta do it."

So I did it, had them delivered to her work, and then skipped town for the weekend to go skiing, so she had to wait till the next week to thank me. It seemed to shock and surprise and please her quite well. We continued to date, I fell totally in love over the next several months, then she dumped me.

I tried it again with another girl. This time we had started dating in December, so V-day wasn't so early on. Again it seemed to go over pretty well, except the roses died in something like a day and a half. But we kept dating and I ended up marrying that one, and here we still are many moons later.

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