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My First Entry

Sailor Girl


Hey all. I'm just testing out how accessible this blog thing is with my screen reader. If you haven't looked, there's a topic about me and how it's being blind so if you hadn't checked it out, please look. It might give you a small idea of how to know what i go through. I don't have much to say so i'm off for now. Hope all have a good weekend,

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I dated a girl years ago that was soooo hot but that wasn't the reason. She was one of the smartest, funnies girls I've ever been around. She kicked my ass on the dance floor. We fantastic commnication. She was deaf from about 10 yrs old and I have alway had a profound hearing loss (Menier's disease) but can still fake it. Years ago I should have taking ASL but didn't. I can watch TV with the sound off by reading lips. The major thing I've found is that deaf folks are most likely smarter than hearing folks. Sailorgirl you know what I mean. BIG KUDOs for joining the site. Hearing is just a way of saying "fuck off, but I have a good excuse" Sailorgirl, do you have extreme ringing in your ears ?

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