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    • Would like to feel that in my butt.
    • Looking good! Don't you wish we could drop the cup!  
    • Just stopped at a store in town called Platos Closet to do a little shopping. While browsing through the short, medium sized dresses one of the sales women asked if I needed some help and who I was shopping for. I told her I would love some assistance and that the dresses were for me. She said  that is what she thought when she saw me going through the stacks. She helped me pick out a handful of sexy dresses and led me by the hand to the dressing room. As we walked she turned to look at me and smiled as she opened the door and we both entered. She told me to take off my clothes, revealing a bra and boy shorts. She slipped the dresses on and showed me how they looked in the mirror. As I tried on the last dress she placed my clothes in a bag and walked me to the register. As she rung up the sales she asked if she could take a picture or two as she loved how the dress fit and how good it looked. She called one of the other girls to take a picture of us cheek to cheek with our arms around each other. As I turned to say thanks she hugged me and kissed me deeply. She gave me her business card and said that the next time I was coming to shop that I had to call her first so she would be available to help. I looked at the card and said thank you Jennifer as I walked to my car in my new dress. I can not wait to go back to see what Jennifer has for sale.
    • Like the look and size. My early Birthday present to myself. Someone has to wear the pants in the family while I wear the panties. Thanks.
    • I detail cars for a living. We have a tool that helps agitate dirt out of carpets and cloth seats. It runs off compressed air and it vibrates to the point it makes your hands numb if you run it to long. The great part is the air hose also vibrates but not near as intense. I will sometimes accidentally run it across my balls and just about lose it every time. You have to make work fun sometimes. 
    • My wife can 28 inches up her ass but it took a while,  I can take 10 inches but again it takes a while just practice  and practice  you'll get there
    • My wife bought these and they are great for both of us 
    • Rio is right start small and work your way up ,it will be better for both of you and it will thrill her when you ask for something a little bigger ( it did my wife)
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