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    • The other day my girlfriend took her son to a kids birthday party and they were gone all day. When they came home i sensed something not right because she had been drinking, her hair was messed up, and she wasnt wearing the same clothes or at least her top was changed. I asked her son what time she picked him up, she never mentioned dropping him off, and he said 5:30pm, they left around 11am. When I asked her where she was all day, she wasnt expecting that, she started acting nervous and fumbled her words trying to think of something to say. She said her mom's. I asked her again and she said she doesn't want to talk and that she's headed back to her mom's which she was supposedly already there. The next morning something told me to look in her purse and I did. I found a pocket pussy which was not mine because i don't have one. The one I had she threw away before i could use it 6 months ago. I know she didn't go out and get it for me because having sex with her is a struggle and she's not into pleasuring me like that. I took the pocket pussy out and I haven't said anything about it to her and it's been 6 days. She hasn't said anything about having it, it being missing, or anything else like it didn't exist. So why do you think she had it?    
    • Sounds like fun. Wish had someone to do that with me! 😞😜
    • By the tone of your post you sound sad and confused. Sorry to hear that. On the one hand you're talking about wanting intimacy and closeness and the other hand you're wanting sex. They can both go hand-in-hand and no need for a long-term relationship. I don't know what size Town you're in from Texas but hopefully you find somebody that meets both your needs.
    • Great sex would be a perk. I'm also not real interested in jumping into another long term thing unless my needs are met. I was not listened to, valued or considered a partner. Half the time I sat alone. So when he asked if divorce was the way to go I thought it was no different.  I also know my sexual needs have to be met. It's been a long time. 
    • I'm not going to tell you I think you should do, just going to tell you what worked for me. After my first wife got killed in a car wreck I did the typical clubs, bars, dating sites. I met someone who I thought was the right person. Turns out I mistook great sex for love and eventually married her. After the divorce I didn't want to go through the same thing again. I enjoyed Athletics so I looked around for areas that I can meet people with the same interests. I joined a co-ed softball team and met a few nice people that way. Also, one of the local churches, which I didn't belong, had a singles night for playing volleyball. I met my current wife serving volleyballs at her and we've been together for 30 years now. Good luck in finding what you want
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