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    • Why would someone put a dick pic on this thread..jeez
    • Damn!!! I just can't help it.....i have just pinched myself and I just wish someone else were pinching.....my back arches and my sound is a high moan....its different this time.....as my back arches my legs fall apart. I want you in me you want more from me....u roll me over and still keep fucking me.....you slow down and are gentle......i don't know why but you lift up my stomach and your brother slides under me ...as I suck on his fingers ......i know what he wants....we have been together for years....he will always protect me and I trust him......i was right to trust....i went home safe.
    • I went back and read statement/ question/topic........whatever you love.......i have to tone down what I say/comment/opinions........its really hard for me....hes so hard if I spread my knees and he's gentle and slow I will get wet and you can slid in
    • Hard against me flat then the tease.....the tip of tongue flicker so fast and hard  I am swollen and he sucked on my swollen..........i couldn't stay dry....i couldn't stay quiet......i always come more than once.....3 times always.......you do me ....i do you...we do each other.....usually I am selfish and it's me all 3 times      .
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