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    • Oh you‚Äôre very welcome sexy! That would be cool sweetheart, I bet it would be more than wonderful thoughūü§§ I look forward to returning the favor
    • **just from looking at it, right? I see, want us to order something there??? Notice the almost "beginner" approach to using it? Hooked anyone yet? Wait till you start getting this one in the email, and it can.¬† I didn't exactly see that "myth" happening, BUT, one of my favorite peeves is when you read these reviews and they¬†tout¬†something as "The ultimate orgasm machine", and not all are like this, some are.¬† Just looking at the box will surely make you go to your knees in an all consuming orgasm you should not expect to recover from. You've seen them, you've avoided them, but there still there, waiting for you to click on it. Thats what made us find TooTimid. Used to go to a brick and mortar place, and she¬†steered us to the right one of the toys we were looking for, told us about TooTimid, and said go-do-be, and recommended it.¬† And I believe someone else said something about chicks mastrubating, and toys, that is the biggest whopper I have ever heard, I have had one SO that didn't mastrubate regularly/or at all, she was just a flash in the pan anyway, that one should of mastrubated some, but thats a whole 'nother thread....the thread where you do everything that has gotten women off everytime, and she sneezes...no passion either....
    • Hey, thats my story and I'm sticking to it! I think they would either call it an orgy, or a family gathering thats fr sure.......................... On another note, why are all my friends on the east coast???¬† ¬†I've thought for years they should move the coasts closer to each other, screw time zones and DST!!!! Continental divide should be a lane divider! ¬†!!!
    • Mmmm...she sure loves her cum. She drinks it out of our life parteners condom so hot. Would love you to take my little dick in your mouth while I lick your clit and dildo your A spot.
    • Meeting all would be beyond awesome.