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It Feels So Good



[topic="strap on"]wife fucks me with strap on[/topic]My wife had been venturing her fingers into my anus for some time and I like it. Here recently we talked about getting a strap on, so she could actually fuck me. We had to kind of work up to it. But last weekend we tried it and I love it and so did she. Any one else ever done this?


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I used to get into this. I had a bf who was very...well compliant. It turned out to be an addiction though and 'plain sex' went out the door blink.gif I actually started to get turned off by him. I think having that kind of fun is fun once in a while, maybe even often..but not all the time. did I think he was gay? nope....(that was a question I was asked by a friend when I told her how much he seemed to NEED it). I just think that the more we crossed the line, this particular man could not get enough and turned some corner.

my current bf is very 'the other way' in all aspects. I think I might grose him out with my sexuality. I am willing to try anything at least once. I figure if I dont like it, we can discuss that later and we can try it again or not depending on how much I hated it and how important it is to his sexual gratification. everything in moderation is my motto. love being wild...but sometimes missionary is just fine by me as well laugh.gif

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My wife used to have a strap on with a small dildo in her side of it.
It was great and through time she developed slow penetration skills that made me climb up the walls!!!
I believe I'll upgrade it to something a little larger in the near future...

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