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Hmm... well I played around with my toy all night and then a little this morning. It's def interesting, but I found it lacking in some areas... like for intance... if I wanted to change speeds while I was holding the vibro in one hand, I'd have to stop what I was doing with the other... so I kinda kept interrupting any Orgasm that was going to happen. I think this toy would be best used with the help of another person. The clitorial and anal attachments would be perfect to use while with a lover, but otherwise I wouldn't bank too much on this toy. It was initimidating at first with its cold temp and unhumanlike color, but I guess that's expected of a toy. Truthfully I would have much rather had the real thing, but that's just me! I think I'm going to try another toy...one of the dual action vibes... I just have to decide which one. One major plus about the vibro... SUPER QUIET. The highest speed was only as loud as a phone on vibrate, in a purse, under a blanket smile.gif... It's very quiet. Anyway... Hopefully something exciting will come for Christmas!



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