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Hmm... well I played around with my toy all night and then a little this morning. It's def interesting, but I found it lacking in some areas... like for intance... if I wanted to change speeds while I was holding the vibro in one hand, I'd have to stop what I was doing with the other... so I kinda kept interrupting any Orgasm that was going to happen. I think this toy would be best used with the help of another person. The clitorial and anal attachments would be perfect to use while with a lover



First Toy

OMG! I just got my first toy today! It's a vibro-pulse pleasure kit! I opened the box and put away all of my warranty info, but haven't opened the actual package yet. I have to go to a Thanksgiving Dinner in less than an hour and I know if I open it I will want to skip dinner! I'm so excited, but kinda nervous! I'm all giddy! It has a nice texture through the plastic bag. Should I open it? I'm going to open it and clean it and put the batteries in, but that's it until after dinner! All I know is



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