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I have been dying to tell you this dream I had the other night. <again not asking for anything but wanted to share this with you> It was SO real. I really thought it was happening:

I am at the office and talking with you on the phone. We are going to meet up for 'something', I think it was hitting golf balls. You ask me my eta, did I park in the city, is it the normal spot, even the floor of the garage. I am like WTF, if you really want to meet me I have to leave now. You are laughing and I am getting a little po'ed. So I pack up and get my back pack on. The elevator is taking forever, I am tapping my foot, I get out the office and I am run/walking through faneuil hall; dodging tourists, stumbling over cobble stones, pushing through crowds of people watching a street show.

So I finally get to the garage... I am running a brush through my hair and putting on make up in the elevator. I get my stuff together and step out of the elevator. I hear guitar music and feel a little odd, deja vous almost. I take the corner to get to my car then stop dead in my tracks. You are there, resting on the hood of my car, SMILING (your very genuine, happy to see you, smile). You say HI.

I am so over whelmed, I can feel my heart beating out of my chest, I start to cry a little in my dream. YOU? I say. I walk to you, and drop my stuff on the ground. You take me, with one hand around my waist, one hand holding my head <your fingers wrapped in my hair>, and kiss me deeply. I woke up at that piont, and did not know where I was. It was SO real.

So, as I am typing this my heart is going a mile a minute. It was a great dream. I wanted to share. Just thinking about you and sending you all my TLC <always sending you my TLC>.


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