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  1. I understand what you are saying. Coppell is quite a change from the Boston area though! There's always time. I also like to combine the neck kissing and words. Speak softly and drive me crazy!!

  2. hi - Hot tub and spooning... wow that is great.... i hope all is well and the SO is treating you well... almost moved to Coppell this past year - wouldl ahve been nice to connect

  3. awwww... so sad... cum is cum... swallow.. facial... who cares - it is about the talk when you get to that level - suski is great - try her tits and tell her that the dna is good for her skin..,... lol - btw GREAT PIX

  4. Elle

    10 Months....

    blah.blah.blah - who cares about the sappy stuff. we all want to know about the sex! Well, the past 10 months have been a tease. i need to feel your cock in me. i need you to rub my nipples and make them hard. i need you feel the naked warmth of you body against mine. I NEED. i want happiness. satification. i want you to give me extra kisses. i want you to rub my feet. i want you make a great dinner for you and then throw the dishes to the floor and take down your pants. take you in my mouth for dessert. suck you. feel you cum in the back of my throat. you are so easy to swallow. taste good. licking your boys.... mmmmmm
  5. Elle

    3 Am Meeting

    So the time is 3 am. You told me the other day it is. Since telling me I wake up and think of you. At 3 am when you wake up I hope you can feel me. We will never have that one day but a woman can dream..... One day where you will greet me at the door, take the load out of my arms, give me a scotch and lead me to the bedroom. You will let me take a sip of my drink while you kiss my neck. Take off my suit jacket and my blouse. Wiggle off my suit skirt and take off my heels. You will refill my beverage and lay me down gently in bed. Then ask me about my day. Your strong, trusting hand holding the back of my head, while you look in my eyes. I melt. I appreciate you. I enjoy every second with you. You take off your clothes and respectfully take off my underwear. I feel your warm body and strong heart beat next to mine. We are chest to chest and mouth to mouth. You fill my body with yours. We are making love and I feel every motion you make. Every rhythmic twist makes me moan and wanted you deeper. We finish and collapse panting. You hold me and make me feel safe. Every second that I can have from you is so special. Thank you.
  6. I am just going to share with you the way I get off with out the SO (significant other - husband - roommate). This has to be at night after 8:30 - it has to be dark. I get totally naked, take off my glasses and put up my hair. I grab a few of my toys; 'Ben' (my ben-wah balls), water proof g-spot vibrator and my nipple 'pinchers'. Ben goes in me, the pinchers go on my nipples (shiver) and I put on my robe with g-spot vibe in hand. I walk out to my hot tub and disrobe, but I sit on the edge before going in and rock back and forth. Not only does it stir Ben and get me worked up but there is something about being naked in the dark outside. I will sometime take the vibe and place it just in me to start Ben moving and getting me SO wet. Once I am either worked up or getting a little skittish that the neighbor might see me I slip into the tub. The water is warm. The bubbles tickle. Ben likes the water even more as the jets hit my back. My pinchers enjoy the water too, they unexpectedly move in different directions that pull and tug gentley. After I am relaxed and enjoying my version of foreplay I move to the leg jets. These jets help the back of your thighs, however... however it is perfect for a clit O. Ben also enjoys this jet. I move the over the jet and begin to move around until my clit is over the jet. Immediately I get a rush of blood to my groin and my nipples start throbbing. Ben is wiggling, my clit is warm and messaged, and my nipples are being tugged in a 100 directions. Then I start to feel it. The overwhelming feeling of relaxation and joy. I start to moan and call out my lovers name... I am panting and my toes are curling... I want to scream but I can not... I want to kiss, grab my lovers back; I want to hear my name... I am panting and my clit is throbbing. I finally give a huge sigh and relax and there it is. MY O. I allow it to happen but I pull off the jet and grab my vibe... with Ben in I move the vibe next to my Gspot and rub up and down.. .I yanks off my pinchers and I have a HUGE release of unbelievable.. I do not know.. but I feel great. I am tired..... almost high. I relax for a moment and find a back jet. I can feel my clit throbbing, engorged, wanting just a little more. I take a deep breathe and find Ben's string. SLOWLY I pull him out one at a time. Each time I gasp and have little rush of pleasure. AND that is how I have a GREAT O with out the SO.
  7. Elle

    Four Months Later

    Too much to put in to words. You fill my heart and mind. Lately I'm thinking... I am not confused but focused Current status... Concentrate on execution of the project plan This is really interesting... This entry is a work in progress, but you should know I am sitting here naked after an event with Jet 7. I moaned your name. It adds to my orgasm. Very good one tonight because of you. Currently reading... In to your mnd. I am really starting to understand how you work through things The soapbox: Over four months later the Vendor understands me better and I understand him better. I listen to the stories and can understand the pain that the RM inflicts on him. I have the same. I know I will never get picket fences but being your friend <in life and flirtation> helps me cope. You bring me great joy and fill my heart <and my loins... LOL> ily
  8. Lately I'm thinking... I am not confused but a little ... i don't know. Is this a real attraction or is it that I am being paid attention to? Current status... Expedite the Project Plan This is really interesting... Thinking about picket fences <off limits but a glimpse.. is that so bad?> Currently reading... In to too many IM's The soapbox: Over 3 months later and I still feel that the Vendor is right. But I am questioning my current situation. Do I talk too much? Should it really be this way? Should we be reading minds? Show my RM be playing dumb mind games? I ask for the physical and he says no. Why? The Vendor pays attention to me. Why? Is he being paid attention too? Or sincere? Just too overwhelmed for my liking.
  9. This is what I like: The most pleasure is leading up to the act. I great conversation or debate (no fighting). Maybe a personal or professional accomplishment - celebration. Then dirty talk and then let your mind (and body) just go for it. Doggy (woman submissive) and then underneath your man, and then a butt slap... maybe then a tin solder. Finish up with a little BJ and finally all over (or in) you. SOOO HOT SO it is only for the invited,,,, MR MDLS... i really want to to do this with you!!!
  10. Elle

    Pity Party

    Lately I'm thinking... Why am I here, in this place now and not somewhere else with someone else, happy? Shout out to... The Vendor Current status... Working to 18 months timeline Currently reading... IM's The soapbox: Isn't is the question of every unhappy person... Why, here, now with him? And not why, here, now with my soul mate? Just having a pitty party...
  11. Elle

    Day Dreams

    i have been compiling <for a lack of a better term> a short list of daydreams. i want to share these with you. i intend no malice or any action to be taken toward them but just wanted you to know that i think about you in the strangest ways <i think they are ok to share>: 1. Sitting at a stop light in the car. I am in the passengers seat and the red light is long. I reach over the console and kiss you on the cheek. You smile. 2. <a little theme going on here> Sitting at the stop light. I am driving you are sitting next to me. You touch my knee and slide it up to my inner thigh. You smile and wink while I blush. 3. Since I live in the 'country' for a lack of a better term I get a great star filled sky. I think of you when: I see the stars and milky ways behind them I see a firefly that flick on and off I see a satellite moving across the sky at a constant pace I see a comet. When I see an amazing comet I think of you I see the little dipper - I think of sharing it with you 4. When I get in the hot tub naked and my breasts float to the top. Think of you with me. 5. When I pour a scotch on the rocks - I dream it could be for 2 - one for you. 6. When I am lying naked in bed, you coming in and kiss my head. Then kiss my nose, my lips, my chin, and cup my breast with your hand. Then you would kiss my breast and lick my nipple then 'nub' it and give it a pinch. Then look in my eyes and smile. 7. Sitting on the couch and just reach over and grab your hand to put it to my face. Then kiss it. 8. Watching Jeopardy and actually know an answer that you don't know - I GIGGLE <I do not think that will ever be possible> 9. Sitting down at the kitchen or dinning room table for dinner with the everyone. I ask (or you) ask about the days events and we have a great laugh or teach a lesson 10. I tell you that my high school sweet heart contacted me and you get jealous BUT trust that I will make a responsible decision. Support my decision to catch up with him. 11. I pick up sticks or pull weeds in the yard - you notice, thank me and hug me. 12. When I clean up the dishes you come in and talk to me about your day. When I ask questions you answer. You ask me about my day and just simply keep me company. 13. I am allowed to rub your feet 15. I am allowed to rub the back of your head and play with your hair 16. That you hold the back of my head and pull me in for a kiss 17. That you arrange for me to get out of work early and surprise me by my car. Give me a deep kiss. Then surprise for a drink in Boston. 18. You to tell me the full details about your day. I listen and ask questions. Visa-versa. silly thoughts - i know. dangerous for sure but thanks for listening. i enjoy every moment you can give me. THANK YOU!!!
  12. So the intent of my blog is to leave note or summary of the days events... not everyday but some days. I will even post some naughty thoughts too!
  13. Elle

    Jet Number 7

    So my home life is a scam. I was duped by a boy that i thought was a partner BUT is really a leach. Tonight, like many, was satified by hot tub jet number 7, Ben (ben-wah balls) and any water proof vibe. Not once, not twice but at least 3 big ear pearcing O's. TY I live in the country. TY for Choppn - I hope you heard me call your name.
  14. Elle


    I have been dying to tell you this dream I had the other night. <again not asking for anything but wanted to share this with you> It was SO real. I really thought it was happening: I am at the office and talking with you on the phone. We are going to meet up for 'something', I think it was hitting golf balls. You ask me my eta, did I park in the city, is it the normal spot, even the floor of the garage. I am like WTF, if you really want to meet me I have to leave now. You are laughing and I am getting a little po'ed. So I pack up and get my back pack on. The elevator is taking forever, I am tapping my foot, I get out the office and I am run/walking through faneuil hall; dodging tourists, stumbling over cobble stones, pushing through crowds of people watching a street show. So I finally get to the garage... I am running a brush through my hair and putting on make up in the elevator. I get my stuff together and step out of the elevator. I hear guitar music and feel a little odd, deja vous almost. I take the corner to get to my car then stop dead in my tracks. You are there, resting on the hood of my car, SMILING (your very genuine, happy to see you, smile). You say HI. I am so over whelmed, I can feel my heart beating out of my chest, I start to cry a little in my dream. YOU? I say. I walk to you, and drop my stuff on the ground. You take me, with one hand around my waist, one hand holding my head <your fingers wrapped in my hair>, and kiss me deeply. I woke up at that piont, and did not know where I was. It was SO real. So, as I am typing this my heart is going a mile a minute. It was a great dream. I wanted to share. Just thinking about you and sending you all my TLC <always sending you my TLC>.
  15. Why are SO's so blind? You give and they take but nohing in return... UGH

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