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Day Dreams



i have been compiling <for a lack of a better term> a short list of daydreams. i want to share these with you. i intend no malice or any action to be taken toward them but just wanted you to know that i think about you in the strangest ways <i think they are ok to share>:

1. Sitting at a stop light in the car. I am in the passengers seat and the red light is long. I reach over the console and kiss you on the cheek. You smile.

2. <a little theme going on here> Sitting at the stop light. I am driving you are sitting next to me. You touch my knee and slide it up to my inner thigh. You smile and wink while I blush.

3. Since I live in the 'country' for a lack of a better term I get a great star filled sky. I think of you when:
I see the stars and milky ways behind them
I see a firefly that flick on and off
I see a satellite moving across the sky at a constant pace
I see a comet. When I see an amazing comet I think of you
I see the little dipper - I think of sharing it with you

4. When I get in the hot tub naked and my breasts float to the top. Think of you with me.

5. When I pour a scotch on the rocks - I dream it could be for 2 - one for you.

6. When I am lying naked in bed, you coming in and kiss my head. Then kiss my nose, my lips, my chin, and cup my breast with your hand. Then you would kiss my breast and lick my nipple then 'nub' it and give it a pinch. Then look in my eyes and smile.

7. Sitting on the couch and just reach over and grab your hand to put it to my face. Then kiss it.

8. Watching Jeopardy and actually know an answer that you don't know - I GIGGLE <I do not think that will ever be possible>

9. Sitting down at the kitchen or dinning room table for dinner with the everyone. I ask (or you) ask about the days events and we have a great laugh or teach a lesson

10. I tell you that my high school sweet heart contacted me and you get jealous BUT trust that I will make a responsible decision. Support my decision to catch up with him.

11. I pick up sticks or pull weeds in the yard - you notice, thank me and hug me.

12. When I clean up the dishes you come in and talk to me about your day. When I ask questions you answer. You ask me about my day and just simply keep me company.

13. I am allowed to rub your feet

15. I am allowed to rub the back of your head and play with your hair

16. That you hold the back of my head and pull me in for a kiss

17. That you arrange for me to get out of work early and surprise me by my car. Give me a deep kiss. Then surprise for a drink in Boston.

18. You to tell me the full details about your day. I listen and ask questions. Visa-versa.

silly thoughts - i know. dangerous for sure but thanks for listening. i enjoy every moment you can give me. THANK YOU!!!


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