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A New Lover.....



I just started talking to someone I've known for a long time but at a different level. I never imagined he would be interested in me since he never mentioned or gave any kind of sign until now. I am very nervous since he is very handsome and a much older man than me. He lives a couple hours from me and is coming to visit me soon. He wants to meet at his hotel room but I'm very nervous with him.... i feel he is way up there for me and I may not be able to perform as I would normally due to that I am very embarrased. I've known him for sooo long and he's always known me as a quiet, nice girl. I am a very quiet, nice girl but not in bed, I'm very different there.....I just feel I wont be myself since it's him and I'm so embarrased. =( I think it might be that he's older and that he'll see me as unexperienced woman or something like that......

ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!!! WHAT CAN I DO TO RELAX and just be myself and not care that it's him...I feel embarrased to show HIM my body and to do things I would normally do to others.....YIKES!!!!


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Tell yourself you are a sexy woman whom he desires and plan to be the assertive one. Plan some sexy panties or none and don't wear a bra. Be confident.. nothing will turn him on more than that! And just have fun! Alcohol seems to help too.

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Thank you soo much....he'll be here Monday night so I'll try to relax and feel confident. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Again, thank you biggrin.gif[b]
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