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  1. Favorite toy.

    Ladies, what is your favorite toy?
  2. How would you describe your first sexual encounter? Why?
  3. Okay, Ladies! Pillow Humping?

    OMG, that is so funny!!
  4. Okay, Ladies! Pillow Humping?

    That... is... amazing! And hot! Now I know why one of my old girlfriends loved to go riding so much! 😜
  5. Okay, Ladies! Pillow Humping?

    Have you ever done it in front of a friend or lover?
  6. Okay, Ladies! Pillow Humping?

    So, the washing machine made it happen? ALWAYS thought that was hot! Would love to watch my wife enjoy that.
  7. Okay, Ladies! Pillow Humping?

    We sure do!
  8. Okay, Ladies! Pillow Humping?

    Never humped anything?
  9. Okay, Ladies! Pillow Humping?

    Okay, ladies! Have you ever humped a pillow? Do you still do it? Anything different or special about your technique?
  10. Pink B.O.B Beginners Silicone Vibe

    I purchased the Pink B.O.B. about four months ago. Figured that I would try it out for a while before commenting. My wife is a very shy person and does not seem to care for sex toys. We had tried other toys in the past to no avail. But this time...WOW! We both have used it, on ourselves and each other. She is still a bit shy, but beginning to enjoy the inclusion of this new toy to our love making. The orgasms we received were intense! Would DEFINITELY recommend this little gem as a first time toy.
  11. Saw a video today where a young woman grinded against the corner of a table resulting in an intense orgasm. Is this possible? If so, wjo has tried this or something similar?