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  1. Hello everyone,, my first post here. My sweet wife and I are flying to Maui from San Francisco to celebrate our 30th anniversary next week. Last year after discovering this site I started buying toys for her/us. We'd like to take our toys to Maui and back without causing a Homeland Security Alert or undue attention. We're talking a vibrating dildo, shower bunny, clit vibrator, etc. Clearly these would be in our check on bag not carry on and the batteries would be removed. I understand the bag will be unlocked, scanned, and can be individually searched. Coming back from Maui it's my understanding everything is searched for plants and produce. So, my question is does anyone have personal recent experience transporting toys to Hawaii from SF and back, and what are your thoughts or tales about potential problems or pitfalls. Many thanks to all and thanks so much for a great forum.
  2. Hello everyone,, Nipples, this is in response to an older post re NIPPLES. I love sucking on my husband’s nipples and he loves it too. I love the moans and the deeper thrusts when I do this. He is a giant and I am petite, I am mouth level with his nipples and I will take advantage whenever, wherever I can. Orgasms, this is in response to an older post re OGASIMS. I didn’t have a real orgasm until I met my husband. Hitting the G-spot makes me squirt; I thought that was the big O, um no! My SO gave me my first orgasm. I cried. The emotion was so intense, so deep and soul reaching and I convulsed and had another one almost immediately when he thrust into me, it was amazing. It’s a feeling that is not tangible. You can’t touch it but man oh man you can feel it rush through your blood, I start to sweat and I want to gyrate until I reach that pivotal moment and when it explodes like a nova WOW. Something to consider, the deeper the connection you have with your partner, the more intense the orgasm is, JMO. Okay, I am a 57 yr old woman and a closet hedonist. I say this because my curiosity with sex started when I was 10. I started developing breasts when I was 11. My first orgasm (g-spot) unbeknownst to me was 12. I actually squirted but at the time I thought I was wetting the bed. I lost my virginity again through masturbation and penetration with hairbrush and anything that was penis like. I was very active and into gymnastics and cheerleading that my hymen was shredded webs, no pain or blood and if there was I didn’t notice. Very flexible and could do a backbend flip and splits without thinking. That was then certainly not now. My first was when I was 17 and I asked the dude afterwards, “Is that it?” I was so disappointed and very dissatisfied. We never went out again, he was mortified. Now that I think back on it I should have waited for a MAN, not a BOY. But girlfriends talk and those who did the deed made it sound better than what it actually was, at least for me. So sex was not a big deal until my late 20s and met my first real boyfriend. He was a tits and ass man and he also had straying eyes, hands and cock. Despite his philandering, he once told me I exuded sex. I would walk into a room and heads turned. I was oblivious. I never thought I was attractive. I was awkward around men. I was unapproachable according to him but he saw me and wanted me. He was a jerk but I was so naive that I stayed with him until I had enough. The sex was not worth the tears that fell afterwards. I think it was more the need of being in a relationship since most of my friends were getting married or already were married. I was the last to marry. 2 months later I met my husband. When did you start to masturbate? When did you lose your virginity? Was it anything like mine?
  3. Recently, a friend of mine told me that whenever she wants a quickie by herself, she uses her panties and puts both side edges inside her vulva, clenches her thighs and massages her clit while watching a few porn clips to get her going. She swears it gets her off in 5-10 mins tops. Being curious myself, I tried it the other day and all I can say is that, "why was I not informed of this sooner?!" I หมวกกันน็อค mean, it's not like it was life changing or anything, but this type of masturbation can come in handy especially when you're feeling stressed out but too lazy to put in those extra few minutes in getting yourself off. Has anyone else tried this? Or any variation of it??
  4. I'm asking for my wife here. 50% of the time we have awesome sex, we both agree on this. We can be very sensual and we can also be very kinky and adventurous. Then the other 50% of the time she does not want anything sexual. She says she feels like there's someone else controlling a switch in her brain that says to be sexual or don't be sexual. She gets very frustrated when this happens. She fears that I will leave her. I tell her that will never happen because we can be intimate sometimes and other reasons as well, the reasons I married her. She won't talk to anyone about it, she says no one will understand. Can someone help please?
  5. Hello everyone,, Was married for 17 yrs husband had medical issues no sex. That's ok I stuck by him. Single for 4 yrs still no sex. THEN I happened upon this place and I thought "screw this shot I need to have an orgasm " so I ordered a toy.... hot damn!
  6. Hello everyone,, I'm 36, wife is 36. We have some pretty fun sex, but lately we have been expanding our sex with new positions, toys, playing, all fun stuff. I've gone in search for her gspot may times, but it's never been a priority for her as our oral sex and other foreplay has always been solid. But for me, I wanted to find it! I spent some nights running my fingers inside of her trying to feel for it but never could, I'd think "Is it that deep that I can't reach it?" stupid I know.. During PIV sex she gets very aroused and stimulated, I'm 7" long so maybe I'm showbox.bio/ tutuapp.uno/ https://vidmate.vet/ hitting it with my head, but my wife bottoms out at 5.5" ish.. Perplexed I kinda stopped looking and focused on the other stuff. Last night was cold, so we had a more under the covers kinda sex, I didn't give her oral, I can't breath under the blankets, but I wanted to. She kept me up kissing, so I just manually rubbed her off. I had an urge to stick my fingers inside of her and palm her clit and that's when I found it!! As soon as I hooked my index inside she tensed up and her eye rolled in her head and she uttered "god". I pulled my hand out and she looked me square in the eyes and said "Do that again, now". So I felt in again and sure enough, it was right there about 3/4" inside. I kept missing it because I stupidly assumed it was deeper. She really enjoyed PIV because I was hitting it constantly. Now that I found it, I'm going to spend alot of time with it, I just ordered a gspot vibrator and a few finger sleeves for this purpose. Has anyone else had this "Finally!!" moment with their partners? Fuck I'm excited for when the kids go the bed tonight 😈.
  7. Hello everyone,, I was at a friends one night when my girlfriend was away for the weekend. My friend and his girlfriend like to have 3 somes and I have always wanted to have fun like that but my girlfriend won’t experiment like that. So we were partying which makes me crazy horny. So i hinted next thing I know he told me to come with him into his bedroom where she was naked watching porn. She said take your clothes off and come here so I did and she was laying 69 position and she started giving me a blow job and I ate her out when I blew my load I looked up and it was him sucking me off clean mobdro lucky patcher kodi. I didn’t expect that and didn’t know what to do. So we’re still naked about an hour later watching bi porn partying and still super horny he went to the bathroom and she said it’s a huge turn on to watch a guy blow her man and it would be well worth it for me as she is rubbing her wet pussy. So he walks in I slide off the bed in front of him taking his limp cock in my mouth feeling it grow and he grabs me by my head and starts thrusting hard while she slides up to me from behind putting her legs over my shoulders rubbing her pussy on my neck. I planned on stopping when he was going to cum and jerk him off but they had other plans she held my head there as he pumped hard and fast forcing me to take his huge load in my mouth. She spun me around closed my mouth and told me to swallow half of it and dribble the rest on her pussy then eat her out so I did. My first time being forced was such a huge turn on I want more,,...
  8. Hello everyone,,, I've always wanted to try out using toys. So I came to this site and saw that they have stuff you can purchase where all you pay is shipping and handling. I saw a sleeve and thought it'd be perfect to try. If I didn't like it I wouldn't be out that much money and if I didn't...then I'd need to start budgeting my money and finding hiding spots for my toys. So I get the sleeve and I try it out. It's a lil too tight at first, so I tried to just push it down figuring once I got it on then I'd be all set. So I pushed and tried jerking with it only about half on and thought that it wasn't working. All of a sudden I feel it...Idk, rip? And then it felt as though it was going on much easier. (Btw I was using lube, I'm talking about the sleeve ripping not my penis, and it didn't hurt even though once I realized what I felt ripping was the sleeve and not me was when the panic stopped lol.) Is that normal for a sleeve to do that though? I'm just wondering if I go to buy more of them or maybe one that vibrates a bit if I need to break them all in. I don't consider myself to be huge by any means either, maybe a bit above average which is fine by mexnxx.onl/ chaturbate.onl/chaturbate.onl/. Also, I'm uncut, and I hate pulling back the skin. The sleeve and condoms kinda pull it back on me though and it's so uncomfortable that I almost always lose the erection. The Sleeve isn't as bad as a condom though, bc I just grease up the inside of the sleeve and it's fine. Do any of the other guys out there have problems with the foreskin and if so do you have tricks around this? I do pull the skin back in the shower and wash THOROUGHLY as that would be gross otherwise. Sometimes if the girl I'm with goes down on me it's a lil easier with the condom. I've tried without condoms before with girls who were tested, on BC, and I did the pull out method. I know, not the safest practice but the one that didn't hurt. I want to wear the condom though (well what guy actually does, but I see the benefits of it). Also, sometimes I wonder if bc the skin under the foreskin never touches anything does that have the possibility of making me be more sensitive? Or maybe over sensitive and go numb? Just some ideas I've had to explain stuff but don't really know for sure. Any feedback would be helpful!
  9. Hello everyone,, Everyone has said to try pop rocks and other things when preforming oral, but has any one tried a life savers mint and wine. Someone had said that it was really good and worked well but I have never tried it I youporn.wiki/ xhamster.vip/ redtube.onl/ wanted to know if anyone has and what they thought and anyother tips and suggestions would be helpful. I am pretty new to all of this Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone,, I joined the end of December. I made a post or two but then I deleted them. I posted youporn.wiki/ xhamster.vip/ redtube.onl/ a picture Sunday but then also deleted it. Lol. Nervous I guess. I was trying to put up a little profile pic but I'm not sure how. Anyway this forum is very informative so thanks!
  11. Hello everyone,, I once read somewhere that some women have uterine contractions during sex. So I started wondering if that information could be used to increase a womans pleasure during oral sex. The next time I was with my xvideos.onl/ xnxx.onl/ chaturbate.onl/ girlfriend and I was eating her out, I pressed with my fingers into her abdomen right about where I imagined the uterus to be. Once I had gotten in a couple of inches I slowly and gently moved my fingers back and forth a little bit. She loved it! "Boy, that thing you did with your hand, I've never felt that before!" Good for a man's ego I tell you. I have since used that technique with two other women, including my wife and they both really enjoyed it (wife still does), yet they have a hard time really describing the sensation. I have also pressed down in the same area while fingering her and felt the pressure of my hand through the upper vaginal wall so I'm thinking it might not be the uterus at all but a different type of vaginal stimulation. Whatever it is, she likes it. The trick is the woman has to be able to relax her abdominal muscles in order to allow the fingers to be pressed in far enough, which can be tough to do sometimes. And the fingers need to be lined up with the midline of her belly. Has anyone else done this or experienced this or know exactly what I'm doing? Just curious because I ain't changing a thing.
  12. Hello everyone,, New to the forum, but love the chats. I’m married and we have a drawer full of toys! Always looking for people to share any new toys that they’ve used or what their favorite ones are. Right now my favorite showbox.bio/ tutuapp.uno/ vidmate.vet/ toy is the Greedy Girl vibe. Bought it back in May, and couldn’t even wait for my hubby to get home from a business trip. Plugged it in immediately and when it was charged, it brought me to an orgasm within minutes, and then 5 more times in the span of 30-40 minutes. We use it damn near every time with the same results! Plugs, vibes, sleeves, dildos, etc. However, my favorite is still having my husband pounding away in me in any position or opening! Happy orgasms everybody!
  13. Hello everyone,, Never done it before. Girl I met says she really mobdro lucky patcher kodi loves it and it’s the only way she gets off. So I’d like to learn, what are a few tips you can give me to make the first time less horrible. Also how do you manage not to be disgusted? The reason I ask about disgust is because of previous bad experiences. Hence I assume the worst.
  14. Hello everyone,, It was my understanding of blowjob etiquette that I was supposed to let her know when I was about to come so she could stop and let me finish in a less-intrusive manner, so as I got close I started tapping her,print postcards for mailing in holidays but she kept going. So I just kept tapping harder and harder and trying not to come, thinking it would be a massive faux pas on my part to come in the mouth of this girl who was being so nice to me. At some point I tried to say something to warn her, but between the sensation and the effort of trying to withhold orgasm I’d more or less lost the ability to speak. The sensation of orgasming to my first blowjob while trying and failing to hold back a load of teenage intensity remains to this day indescribable.
  15. Hello everyone,, mi name is Daryl and im 27 and i just recently discovered a new fetish! i believe the term is cum tribute.... and was also wondering if anyone else was interested in this type of fetish or interested in having one xvideos.onl/ xnxx.onl/ chaturbate.onl/ made for them. if ur unaware as to what it is, its where someone sends a picture of them self generally in a kinky or hot pose and the other person jerks off to it and cums all over it and in return sends it back showing them how much u made them cum. its been fun here so far, lots of nice ppl here and am really looking forward to hearing every ones thoughts and comments on this. 😜 thanks in advance for taking ur time to read this post
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