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  1. Nipple Stimulation

    I love binding my tits with rubberbands and putting those little plastic hair clips on my nipples. It gives me a near O before I even have to do anything else! It gets me very wet. I also like when my DH slaps my tits when he's fucking me. I'd love to get some nipple clamps, does anyone have some? I'd love to hear reviews!
  2. Hello!

    Thanks a lot! I'm having fun reading all the posts so far.
  3. Large Objects In Vagina

    My husband loves to fist me. His hands aren't very big so it doesn't hurt to bad. I love the way it feels. I've also been able to use a coke can, that is amazing!
  4. Hello!

    Hi everyone! I just joined today but have been visiting for a while. I love this site!