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There are dozens and dozens of lubes out there. Some flavored, but are sticky, stringy and taste similar to cough syrup. Others are clear, flavorless, no staining, and are there to just do their job and do it well. Still more are greasy, very long lasting, maybe even too long lasting, and are only safe with certain toys or condoms. Each has good properties, and bad, but there has yet to emerge a lubricant that can take the best of all others and leave out all the negative aspects, or so I thought.

Now, I am not saying that it's good or even just an okay lubricant, this stuff ROCKS! I mean it ROCKS HARD!!! This lube is clear, smooth, and water based, therefore, safe for all toys and condoms. It's not greasy, stringy, or difficult to wash off. Now, it's also very sweet. I love the strawberry flavor of this lube. I have had other flavored lubes in the past and I have always, always, always noticed that each one had an aftertaste that was close to cough syrup. Using lubrication should NEVER be like taking your medicine! Of course if it bears the name of Astroglide, I know it's a top notch product. I have not seen an Astroglide product that has left me with a "bad taste" in my mouth, and now I can say that literally! I have used Astroglide with my wife in the past and found that even the normal liquid and gel have a slightly sweet taste. This takes the cake though! I love this lube, it's not every day you come across a lube that you can use with toys, then immediately begin oral and keep going from there to intercourse. Or mix it up and go about your fun in any order you choose, and not worry about chemical taste, ingestion, or condom safety!

After very close inspection, I put a fair amount of this lube on every light or white washable item I could find. I was certain it would have at least one negative quality. Much to my pleasure, I was wrong. It didn't stain the white sheets, socks, t-shirts or any other white machine washable item I tried it on. I didn't use it on satin, like satin sheets, or silk, I could only imagine if I put it on a nice silk shirt of my wife's and it come out stained. I would rather not think about that!

All in all, I cannot think of a better all-around lube on the market. Some are thicker, true, some are slicker, some have different flavors, but pound for pound, this is #1 in my book.

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