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I have a question about lambskin condoms. The other night my wife and I were having sex and the condom slipped off while having intercourse. Unfortunately the condom slipped off before I came insider her. We started using lambskin because we like the feel better than latex (my wife tried birth control but stopped using that as well due to the side effects). After that has happened, we are more cautious but its annoying to have an intimate moment and then stop to check to see if the condom is still on and then start back up again. We feel like we lose the "mometum", if that makes sense. Is there anything we can do to make sure it doesn't slip off?

Thank you...

I should add too that I did put the condom on correctly. I left room on the top for ejaculate and rolled the condom down my shaft. I did notice that the elastic was "loose" to some degree but not terribly so.

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You might consider using them with a cockring, or with a separate elastic band to help hold it in place. Other than that, You may have to hold one end of it with one hand during movement to make sure it does not work its way off. I would also try using more lube, and a better lube, like Astorglide, so that there is less of a chance for the lining in the vagina to " grab " the lambskin condom and hold it when you are moving back and forth.

Thank you for your reply. I considered using a cockring to hold it in place and wanted some advice before pursuing that route. The condoms I have come lubricated but I will definitely use more. Thank you again....

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