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The best-laid schemes

An invitation was sent out to a discrete group of people for a special party. It was made clear that this was an opportunity for erotic experiences. The price was $300.00 per couple, and included food, drink and other unspecified treats. The invitation specified a dress code. Men were to wear a suit or sport coat. Women were to wear a medium to long dress with a full, no slim fitted skirts. Also, the women were to wear no underwear that joined the legs together. This is much in the old traditions of the pantaloons, where women were prohibited from wearing any type of under garment that joined in the center. Traditionally the pantaloons allowed free and unobstructed access to her genital area. In short, if she wore no panties, she would qualify. If she insisted in wearing stockings a garter belt would be permitted, as long as the center was in no way obstructed. Further, the invitation specified that designated women would be present to ensure that the dress code was adhered to. The rumor was, and it was only a rumor, that the floor had been fitted with air jets of sufficient force to lift the skirt of one that stood over it over the head of the wearer. These jets were reportedly placed in places where the woman would be using her hands so she would be at the mercy of the air jet. Again rumor was that the jets were able to be triggered in a number of ways, so that others passing over them would not grantee safe passage for the next person. This caused quite a stir in the community, the men were excited and the women apprehensive and or titillated. Getting many to go caused some effort. In the end most invited accepted, as it was being known as the place to be, it quickly became an “in” event. A large mansion that had been converted for catering was the venue site. It was beautiful and elegantly decorated. Also it had a long drive and was somewhat discrete. The nature of the event generated on going excitement about what was really going to happen, there were off the wall rumors, which excited the men and further again titillated and caused further apprehension amongst the women. But the men were in their glory, it was universally accepted that this would be a banner night for them.
So the night of the event finally came. As the guests arrived, the security people indicated that there was a separate entrance for the women, as everybody knew, they had to be inspected. There was a second door for the men, so they could just go straight in. So the women were dropped off at their door so they could be “inspected” , and the men hurried to their door, so they could get a quick drink, which they deserved after putting up with all this nonsense. When they entered the door for men, as soon as the door shut they were met by two large no nonsense black women, they did not smile, they handed each man a cardboard box, and were told to put their pants and underwear in the box, and attach the portion of the invitation that bore their name. These women answered no questions, simply telling them to put the clothes in the box, and get in line. Any questions were met with the response to be quiet and get in line. Many grumbled that they felt they were back in the army. The women were every bit a drill Sargent. The line progressed along a wall and then turned. I recall when I went for a draft physical that such a line existed. When I turned the corner there was a guy with what looked like a butcher block. He pulled my arm down on it, stuck in a needle and took a blood sample. The wall was to shield us from what was to come until the last minute. The guy put a bandage on my inner arm, and told me to sit down in the row of chairs. The guy next to me, nudged me, and said “ hey that MF just stuck a needle in me” , I think the inference was that we should go get him, not on you life in a military post, I would still be there in the brig.
Meanwhile the line of men progressed. As they turned the corner, another “top Sargent” took the box, and gave them a receipt. They then encountered what appeared to be a nurse. She first inspected them to be sure they were wearing nothing below the waist but shoes and socks. A second technician wearing disposable gloves grasped the next phallus and inserted a pellet in the urethra, and told them to sit over there, and massage their penis until it became erect and hard. The pellet contained a chemical combination that guaranteed an immediate erection. Another technician, all of them in scrub suits patrolled the chairs. When she observed that he was sufficiently erect, he was told to go through the door. Once through the door he found himself at the party. His wife spotted him and came over and grasped him by his penis. She informed him that she was to lead him by his penis and find a woman with her husband that she didn’t know. She was then to introduce her husband to the strange woman, handing her his penis, and saying I would like you to meet my husband, and the other woman was to comment positively on the quality of his erection, the wife was then to comment on the pleasure it gave her, and how much she enjoyed having in inside of her . She was then to turn to the woman’s husband grasp his penis and introduce herself, and comment positively on the quality of his erection and enquire of the wife how it felt in her. They were to engage in pleasantries for a minute or two, with each woman holding the penis of the other woman’s husband. After a specified length of time, she was to again grasp his penis, and lead him to find another woman she did not know and repeat the process. After that was completed, she had seek out a third wife, this time it could be someone she knew, however the protocol remained the same. The same introduction had to be made and the questions asked and answered. In all of this the husband was not to speak. After the third introduction, the couple was free to join the party. There was food and drink and some games. One game involved a group of couples sitting around a round table the wife was then to read a short piece of literature, that was printed in large type so as to be easy to read. In order to participate the wife had to be fitted with a small “sensor” which was inserted into her vagina by a female technician, and held in place by a simple elastic belt with a strap that went from front to back, and was secured with velcro. The game consisted of each woman having to read a fairly simple text. Each woman in turn had to read her piece, and there were to be four rounds. Each piece was of increasing difficulty. Any error incurred a penalty, requiring her to read another piece. Like certain sports, there was a penalty. In some sports one has to make a shot from a greater distance, in this case, another difficulty was introduced. When the game started the first wife was to stand and read the assigned piece. As she started to read the “sensor” placed in her would begin to stimulate her, but only to a point where it was barely noticeable. The reading progressed around the table. Those failing were asked to read a penalty piece. This time the stimulation was increased. When the penalty round was completed, the second round began. A more difficult passage, and a higher level of stimulation. Again penalties were accessed and a third round was started. With this round, the basic stimulation from the first round was turned on for all contestants, and when their turn came their stimulation was increased to the new level. In each succeeding round the text was increased and the basic simulation was increased one notch. Of course the prize went to the last woman standing. For the attendees those that received more than four penalties would have their stimulation level turned on to the maximum and left on. The reaction of those people to the increased stimulation and their reaction to it and the sounds they uttered, would become an additional distraction to those still in play.
For those not playing that game there was the sybian experience. When each woman entered she was given a number. Confidentially a watch was kept for a woman that was quite expressive, who squealed, and reacted very emotionally, with oos and ass. The Sybian machine is the ultimate in female satisfaction. It is mounted like a exercise horse. And is equipped with a phallic projection and a clitoral nub. It has a powerful motor and once seated the woman’s feet are suspended in the air. The phallic projection is capable of considerable variation in motion and the nub is also adjustable. Once mounted and the machine is invoked the result is inevitable. The woman will experience incredible pleasure ending in an explosive orgasm. The machine can be mounted without removing the dress or skirt, so modesty is preserved.
So now the Sybian experience is announced. Since the first client has been selected, her number is called, and she is encouraged to have a seat. A stool has been placed to enable her to mount it. She drapes her dress over it and positions the vertical projection and settles in. The stool is removed and the machine starts. The operator adjusts the machine for optimal operation. Close observation will show the client appearing to tolerate the machine, the process is sometimes slow and there is a tendency in women not to show succumbing as it is embarrassing. So watching her face can be quite titillating as her body writhes, but as she resists and the process can be quite a turn on as you can see her resolve weakening, as this occurs she will smile and make quite a few gestures to cover what is happening, eventually the machine will prevail, and she will look sort of stunned. Her mind is losing out to the throb in her loins. This can be very stimulating to watch. As the fire in her loins prevails and all pretense of control is lost an explosive orgasm is produced. Depending on the client, some women want their breasts held or manipulated. They may want to remove their top. She may scream and want all her clothes off, or fall forward in ecstacy. When she has completed her course she will be removed and her husband will then join with her in carnal bliss. A plastic prophylactic cover is fitted, and the next number is called.

At this point it might be well to look back and see how this party was conceived. A few hedonistic couples thought it might be fun to have a HOOT and sort of shake to town up. They met a few times and decided to invest in doing it. At this point there was some division. The men wanted to smoke their cigars and drink their whiskey and watch a show of women be titillated by various games and devices. One older man commented that perhaps this would kick up Bessie a notch or two. The women however had a different thought. Most women unless they are totally flat chested realize that maintaining their figures requires maintenance. Breasts must be restrained, while the most obvious female manifestation, they flop and are with them 24-7 they also bounce while jogging, and bras can cut into shoulders, . While meeting a man, their faces are scarcely noticed as the glazes are directed at their chests and below. While they want to be attractive, they find them selves objects, and get little in return. They go to the beach and a man looks at them and they see a bulge in his pants. Is it an erection or a sweet potato? They have their wares on display all the time, while with men it disappears until called upon. Men have low maintenance and women have high maintenance. They wanted parity. They thought of the days of yesteryear when bold knights rode in on horseback with spears and jousting poles held erect sporting flags. How could they obtain this? They wanted a party with flags flying high, where men were men and it was obvious. They also wanted the men to be seen as objects, instead of look at the set on her, look at the rod on him. Also the side talk, boy I would like to bang her, to boy I would like to ride that rod. How could this happen? They came up with an answer. One of them was connected with a pharmaceutical company that was experimenting with a new erection pill. While not ready for market, it did produce instantaneous erections that lasted for some duration. Then they thought of the introduction protocol, where the man was led by an erect phallus to another woman and presented as a sexual object to her. He was forbidden to speak. The dialogue was carefully crafted so as to present him as a sexual entity, much the same a breasts are. His phallus was presented to an other woman, who then rendered a positive judgement, and then inquired as to the satisfaction it gave the possessor. Was it good inside? Did it provide you with pleasure? Did it fill you up? Did he have sufficient fluids. How did it taste? They rather imagined a conversation like this. This is my husband (presenting his phallus to her hand) My what a firm one, does it feel good inside. Oh indeed, and he has such stamina, and his fluids abound. It satisfies me for hours, and his juices are quite sweet to the taste. The presenter then would comment on the husband of the wife she was speaking to. And him? He too feels firm, does he satisfy you? Well he doesn’t have the stamina of yours, but as a young child he had a toilet seat dropped on it, and it gave him a slight scar, this scar is in such a place that it hits something inside me that makes me crazy, I go into ecstacy for hours and my contractions drain him dry. The conversation between the women could be about a pork roast, it is women talk. It continues, that sounds fascinating, do you like Itallian? If you give mine garlic his tastes like an ante pasta. Sounds fascinating, why don’t we get together some evening and partake of these delicacies? Sounds good I never had any sweet, I’ll get some garlic, my house or yours?
They hoped that this would bring, at least for the moment parity, as the men were not people, merely erections, for all to see and judge.

Let us now return to the party. The selected woman for the Sybian has reacted as hoped, well more than hoped. She loved it and started shrieking like the shower scene form the Hitchcock movie. She ripped off all of her clothes and proclaimed that she had found her true love, refusing to leave the machine and called upon her attorney to get he squatters rights. She had to be removed by security and was secured in a back room where for the rest of the evening she could be heard screaming about being deprived of her true love. This brought about a rush to the machine. The intention had been that after the experience the respective husband would then join her in carnal bliss. The reality was quite different. The next couple of women got the desired effect, and discovered new things about themselves. In fact many women went from a small lower case “o” to a bold upper class “O”. A woman down the line “discovered” her true hedonism, rendered her garments and surged out into the party displaying her naked body for all to admire. When offered her husband for the culmination of the experience, she like a woman buying sausage at the butchers, said “ I want the big one over there” pointing to another guest. Rushing to his side she said”Fuck me here and now and forever”. This changed the tone of the party, the language did not suit the occasion. Meanwhile over at the game table, the players were having some unique insights. First many of them were experiencing things of which they had never imagined, much less experienced, again lower case “o” were becoming upper case “O”. When called upon to read the next card, they would reply bla bla bla, maximum please. The feeling was to hell with the prize, turn up the buzzer. When the game finished, the inserts were left on maximum.
Meanwhile the introductions ran into a problem that Amazon has been working on for years. Too much handling of the merchandise. While the dialog was supposed to go something like this, this is my husband, and hand her his phallus, there was one hand or hand off too many. While she received his phallus in her hand, many received his manhood on their clothes. The conversation got slightly altered from “it seems firm, how does it feel in you? to it seems firm and I can see it works, can he ever get it in you?” This rather spoiled the illusion, after a few of these incidents, some spoiled clothes, guys walking around looking like wet noodles, the introductions were dropped.
Now there had been a rumor that the floor contained air jets that would blow up the skirts of the unwary, revealing their most precious and private parts. This was just a rumor, nothing more. However quite a few of the women had taken this seriously. At some expense they had purchased petticoats that when lifted by a blast of air would resemble a flower with their love nest as the center, the petticoat would display them beautifully. Also they had spent considerable time at the hairdresser, not for their head but for their pubic hair.
This group spent considerable time attempting to locate the air jets. Since there were none, this was an unrewarding task. No one knows how, but a radiator was located in the ballroom. It had pipes and one can only assume that in some way it was broken from the floor and when discovered the pipes were covered with expectant women hoping for a blast of air. There was also a water cooler in the same room, since water was piped in to it, mysteriously it too was dislodged, leaving the copper feed pipe spewing water on the ballroom floor. A couple of desperate women assumed this was some kind of water toy such as they had at home and they were squatting over it hoping it would work like the toy at home. Thankfully, only cold water came from the pipe or there could have been some interesting scalds.

Meanwhile back at the Sybian machine things had gotten out of hand. Several women wanted to buy it. Some were on their cell phones attempting to buy one. So an ad hoc auction was held which raised enough money to replace the now ruined ballroom floor, which needed to be totally replaced. In the meantime a older man had slipped and fallen on the water and suffered a broken hip.
In the days that followed, there was a rumor of the formation of a clandestine swinging swapping group. Apparently the excitement of the party worked some of the women up to a sort of erotic stupor, later at the women’s club they could vaguely remember faces, and something memorable in their hand. Sometimes at a meeting they would think they recognized someone, and say “I think I once met your husband” but rather that shaking her hand, they held out their hand as though to receive something in it. There were several divorces, and several of the older men died in bed and their wives, from their estates took island cruses and returned with young virile appearing husbands. There is a suggestion that Bessie got kicked up a notch too much.

o' mice an' men Gang aft agley,

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