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If I could write a review that really got down to the point quickly it would read, "This

is the ONLY toy you will ever need." I may be a bit bias but I am a huge fan of silicone

based toys so naturally this is one of the reasons I decided to give it a go. The eye

catching appeal to the shape and sleek chic look was too hard to pass up on. I was super

excited when it arrived only days after my ordering. The packaging was okay, nothing I

would personally make a fuss about although it came with a little red storage bag.

Personally I prefer items that have somewhat of a box that can maintain my toys long after

I tear into them, but that's just me. My first reaction when I got it out of the packaging

was wow it really has some weight to it, not to heavy but enough to make you pause and

think about it. The grip is amazing, due to the girth of the head and the thinner neck it

made it really comfortable to hold in my small womanly hands. Personally I love a toy with

various functions and capabilities, and this wand has it. Do not let the look fool you, it

is possible to bend the neck of the wand and with ease even though it may look like a

rather hard solid piece it has give to it in the right places. I was pleased to find the

inlay-ed buttons so I do not have to worry about accidentally pushing the button or

rough bulging edges. Unlike some toys the inlay allows me to easily turn it off and on and

go through the 8 powerful vibration functions with just a slight push. Again I

have to go back to the pure power of this item. To keep it clean since this is a review

not a erotic novel I will have to just say the experience I had with this was like nothing

I have ever had with a Wand. My legs were vibrating for a long while afterwards and I can

honestly tell you it was amazing and nothing less. Believe it to be true or not I sear by

my word on this one it for me anyways was stellar. Super easy to clean and powerful enough

to use as a actual useful functioning massage wand on those sore muscle days. The

hypoallergenic silicone makes for a easy clean up and easily stores in my bedside drawer

in its little red bag. The name really speaks for itself Holy Cow, is right! 100% hands

down worth getting first timer or experienced its truly an experience you will not want to

miss out on. I am glad I made this choice, no regrets 100% satisfied every time.

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