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Earthy Body Edible Massage Oil



The smell of love is in the air, what is this I smell, sweet scents of Juicy Watermelon, French Vanilla & Succulent Strawberry, YUM! I have never been particularly fond of edibles but in the light of romance I will try anything once.  This neat tidy gift package comes with 3 various edible oil flavors that not only equally have amazing aromas, but also have an amazing flavor profile. I was skeptical at first but tried the Succulent Strawberry on my finger first, you know a taste test. The moment the oil hit my tongue it was like a burst of favor went off in my mouth, the richness without the calories took over my taste buds like a wild fire.  It was simply amazing! The 100% natural, vegan friendly oil allowed me to use this item at ease knowing it was safe for my sensitive skin and caused no breakouts or rashes. The texture is that of many other oils you can find quite runny, which brings me to my only downside of this product. Considering we are working with oil I found it a bit frustrating the bottles did not have a proper cap for easy drip and not quick pour. The amount of oil that can potentially come out could be unnecessarily wasteful and we don’t want that. Considering that we can’t always get what we want I was able to use my thumb as a stopper for the time being and that worked out just fine.  I was impressed that the oils left no trace of ever being there, no oily shine, no gunky residues, instead it left my skin feeling smooth and left a beautifully delicious smell on my body. The oil tends to dry quickly so I would recommend applying as you go, it was more fun that way. We tried all 3 and thoroughly enjoyed them all, but hands down our favorite was and is the Succulent Strawberry. What’s Your Flavor?


Product Linkhttp://www.tootimid.com/Earthly-Body-Edible-Massage-Oil-Gift-Set-8273.html



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