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Ultimate Bondage Kit


If this is your first time with erotic fetish play the Ultimate Bondage Kit is for you. Inside the box you will find an assortment of erotic items to fulfill your various desires whichever they may be.

The ball of the gag is made out of a very firm hard plastic with numerous holes, perfect for a beginner. Leather straps attached to the gag itself have a belt like fastening which allows for various sizing and tightness options. The butt Plug is a very simple black jelly/rubber that gradually widens towards the flared base, comfortable and safe. I have to say the love mask is very cheaply made. When put on the middle will collapse in on your eyes putting pressure that could be distracting to some people and added a level of discomfort. Handcuffs can be a huge turn on point. These particular cuffs are okay for play but I am personally always concerned for slices or bruising around the wrists having no protection on them. I was super excited to try the nipple Chain Clips, I have never had tried them before. They had ridges on them so not to just squeeze but dig in too. They reminded me of a very tiny clothing pin and due to its size the force of the squeeze is even too much for someone like myself. If you’re into pain or are more experienced this could be for you, it wasn’t for me. Hot wax candle is exactly as advertised, wax candle stick for dripping fun. Feathers are always welcome in the bedroom, this tickler is no different. Again more on the cheap side however still gets you squirming none the less. The Cat O’ Nine Tails lacks horribly even for a beginner. The materials used are very light weight and so trying to get any kind of decent whip out of it is nearly impossible, you could find your partner putting in more work to use it then getting out of it. The silk tie is nice, you can use it to tie up or even use as a blind fold. Its soft silkiness adds to the experience.

I have to say reluctant to try the included Ben Wa-Balls. I do have another set of Ben-Wa Balls that are larger and glass. These tiny balls are so small I was concerned they might get lost. If you thought that wasn’t enough they add in a mini vibe to boot with various head attachments for pure clitoral pleasure. Overall I was pretty satisfied with this Kit. I would for sure buy this as a gift or as my first starter set to erotic fetish play.

Product Link: https://www.tootimid.com/fetish-fantasy-ultimate-bondage-kit.html

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