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Flickering Rechargeable Intimate Arouser


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Sorry for the delay everyone!! I have been soooo busy these past weeks but I finally forced myself to set time aside to tell you all about this amazingness!! 

YES YES SO MUCH YES! This little device although it looks like it would be hard to use it is well worth every dollar and minute spent! This little guy has 10 different combinations of pulses that send shivers throughout your whole body! Not to mention, it has 3 initial vibrating speeds that are strong enough to make you tingle way deep inside. I was initially worried it would be too complicated to use, the handle is perfectly shaped to have comfortable hold while you reach that long lasting orgasm your hunting. My favorite part of this arouser was the small prongs on the inside of the vibrator when you switch pulses or vibrations all of those little prongs tickle your clit just right to bring out that amazing explosion. Since the arouser is made of safe silicone it makes for easy cleanup and of course another great feature it’s rechargeable!! The only feature that I found I didn’t love from this arouser was the single button selection. So there is an ON button and then a single button you have to press to go through the cycle of pulses and vibrations, I always prefer a button for pulses and a button for vibrations. The arouser is a bit loud and the vibrations are pretty strong even at the lowest setting so I would recommend this guy for a moderate to pro user, its excellent for self-play I did however, use it with my husband as well. So don’t let looks fool you or hinder you from trying this arouser out, it’s definitely a pleaser!

Check it out through this link, you will not be disappointed.


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