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Silicone pleasure sleeve TRIO


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3 pieces of wonderful, these 3 beauties definitely make for a fun experience especially if you use them in water. When I first received my trio I was pretty surprised at how small they were, great for traveling and keeping discreet. The bullet that comes with the trio is also nice and sleek, small and fairly quiet. Each trio sleeve is different the black one has little finger like brush looking prongs on it this one felt the best in the tub or shower! Both pink sleeves are similar except ones smooth and one has little edge nods however, they both feel very similar. The bullet has a small bottom at the bottom making it easy to change speeds while you play, one thing I will say is the speeds are very slightly different at times they all feel the same. The vibrations are pretty mild so this toy is good for a slow build up if that’s what you’re looking for in a toy. Another iffy thing about this guy is it’s a little hard to pull out of the sleeves, not impossible but it definitely takes a minute to get that bullet out. One more thing I could never figure out was how to turn it off I figured if I pressed the button through the cycles I would find the off button..no <_<. Eventually I just turned the top a bit and it would shut off. This is a great toy for a beginner or someone who does a lot of self-play and likes a slow build to a nice O. All the sleeves are made of silicone so clean up is easy and the bullet is plastic so clean up is equally good. This wonderful trio would make a great gift in my opinion especially if you are not sure what someone may like it covers lots of different feels with the sleeves and the vibrations are not hard enough to be overwhelming. ;)

Heres the link so you can take a peek 



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Heehee your very welcome! Enjoy ❤️

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