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Could these be the answer to my prayers


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It has been years since my involvement with relationships. After my last breakup, I decided not to date and pay zero attention with girls who were so honest with their feelings toward me. The woman who broke my heart left a very big scar to me, which I considered to be the biggest reason why dating never crossed my mind. But just recently, my friends told me to think again and give love a second chance.
It hit me! While thinking about where to start, I decided to pray for that special woman. I did a lot of pleading to someone up above to give me the ideal partner I’m dreaming to have. While surfing for ways to date again, I saw a lot of suggestions to follow with. Some of these include going to party clubs, travel to meet foreign tours, going to sports events, etc. Are these helpful? Could these be the answer to my prayers?


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Meet people over seas for friendship then travel as a tourist is one thing but meet for forign wife is another issue that may bring more unhappyness. I not against people having spouses from over seas but the intenions of both her and you need to be evaluated. If it sexual then I would move on to a different plan.  It is true there are women, not all, looking to get a visa to come here. In my case my wife was already local and came over on a visa prior to us meeting . No benefit to her marrying me at all. A co worker of hers of another country  found a wife online of a lady who share same religion. They communicated and he went to meet her, pay the dowry which was a custom of theirs, marry and they as i know happy.  Lots to consider when marring someone of different culture

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